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White-Lined Tanager Fact Sheet

  • Latin Name

    Tachyphonus rufus
  • Class

  • Order

  • Range

    White-lined tanagers can be found in Central and South America, ranging from Costa Rica to northern Argentina. They also inhabit the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Status

    The white-lined tanager is common throughout its range.

  • Habitat

    This bird can be found in forest edges and other semi-open areas, including parklands and gardens.

  • Niche

    White-lined tanagers feed on rainforest fruits and seeds, with insects also being part of their diet.

  • Life History

    Breeding pairs are territorial, excluding other white-lined tanagers from their area. The female lays two–three eggs in a cup-shaped nest, incubating them for approximately 15 days before they hatch.


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