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Northern Helmeted Curassow

Northern Helmeted Curassow

Northern Helmeted Curassow Fact Sheet

  • Latin Name

    Pauxi pauxi
  • Class

  • Order

  • Range

    Venezuela and Colombia
  • Status

    Endangered. Threats include habitat destruction and fragmentation as well as hunting.
  • Habitat

    This species is found in subtropical cloud forests. It prefers humid areas with dense undergrowth, and tends to avoid the forest edges.
  • Niche

    Pairs or small family groups will forage together during the day for a variety of food items including fallen fruit, seeds, grasses, and small vertebrates and invertebrates.
  • Life History

    The breeding season for northern helmeted curassows in their native habitat occurs between January and June. Nesting usually occurs in March, with chicks hatching around mid-May. The parents will feed their young until the chicks learn to eat from the ground.
  • Special Adaptations

    Scientists theorize the casque has a resonating function that helps amplify the male’s low, booming call.


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