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Francois' Langur Fact Sheet

  • Latin Name

    Trachypithecus francoisi
  • Class

  • Order

  • Range

    Francois' langurs can be found in the southern Guangxi province of China, northern Vietnam and west-central Laos.

  • Status

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists the Francois’ langur as endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. Lincoln Park Zoo participates in the Langur Species Survival Plan®, a shared conservation effort by zoos throughout the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Helen Brach Primate House Lead Keeper Bonnie Jacobs serves as the Francois’ langur studbook keeper, maintaining breeding records for langurs in zoos across the country.

  • Habitat

    This primate species occupies dense forests, where they climb through the canopy in search of leaves on which to feed.

  • Niche

    Francois langurs feed primarily on leaves. Because leaves are low in nutrients, the monkeys have a multi-chambered stomach that helps them digest their diet. Special bacteria in the stomach also aid the process.

  • Life History

    The species lives in groups consisting of 3–10 individuals. The females show allomothering behaviors, with non-mothers cooperating in their care and feeding of young. Males define their territory with hoarse vocalizations.


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