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Crested Wood Partridge Fact Sheet

  • Latin Name

    Rollulus rouloul
  • Class

  • Order

  • Range

    Myanmar, Thailand, Malay Archipelago

  • Status

    Near threatened due to habitat loss

  • Habitat

    Woodlands, tropical rainforest and bamboo thickets

  • Niche

    The crested wood partridge uses its feet to probe for insects, seeds and fruits on the forest floor.

  • Life History

    The crested wood partridge can live in groups of up to 15 individuals. Breeding pairs dig tunnel-like nests beneath the litter of the forest floor. Offspring can number from four-eight chicks, which are cared for cooperatively by each parent. Larger broods may be divided, with each parent caring exclusively for half. Parents feed chicks for the first week, after which chicks forage for their own food.


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