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Chinese Hwamei

Chinese Hwamei

Chinese Hwamei Fact Sheet

  • Latin Name

    Garrulax canorus
  • Class

  • Order

  • Range

    Southeast Asia. Introduced in Taiwan, Japan, and Hawaii.
  • Status

    Common across most of its range. Populations managed in protected reserves in Vietnam, where species is threatened due to trapping for pet trade.
  • Habitat

    Shrublands, open woodland, parks and gardens.
  • Niche

    The species mainly feeds on insects, including locust eggs and ants, but will also consume fruit, seeds. corn, and other grains.
  • Life History

    Females have clutches of 3–4 eggs typically and are mainly responsible for incubation, a period of about 12 days. Cup-like nests are made from leaves, grasses, and other vegetation and positioned in small trees, bushes, and grassy areas on the ground.
  • Special Adaptations

    Males have rich, varied, very high-pitched songs that include repetition and some mimicry. Females have a series of monotonous calls which prompt song responses from males.


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