Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Wing Kong

From cinereous vultures to European white storks, our birds of prey are equipped with powerful beaks. Help keep them busy and exercised with the gift of Kong toys!

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Hollow, Goodbye

Cavity-nesting birds like the lesser green broadbills favor spherical nest balls for their interior design schemes. Make like a dentist and help them fill those cavities today!

$15 1 nest balls needed
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Family Photos

Animal care staff at the zoo need to document chick development, nest building and other bird behaviors. Keepers have their eyes on a compact Nikon COOLPIX digital camera with a great zoom lens and HD video features. Help them snap one up today!

$25 8 shares needed
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Webbed Site

The Chilean flamingos and ducks at the zoo’s Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond and Waterfowl Lagoon appreciate sturdy mats to protect their sensitive feet. Treat their feet to some comfy cushions!

$25 4 shares needed
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Hello Mudder, Hello Father

The showiest birds at the zoo—Chilean flamingos—like to play in the mud. They need new soil to build nests. Help them redecorate with a gift of topsoil!

$10 20 shares needed
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Branch Dressing

Many of the exhibits at the McCormick Bird House get spruced up with artificial plants. Some birds nest in the faux foliage, which also enhances the exhibits’ naturalistic settings. Help the staff turn over some new leaves for the avian inhabitants.

$12 23 silk plants needed
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Delish Fish

Serve the European white storks a summer picnic of savory seafood. Fresh fish they can snap up with their beaks are just the tasty treat they crave.

$8 16 pounds needed
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Star Light, Star Bite

In our eyes, every bird at the zoo is a star. Make them feel like celestial celebrities with sweet star fruit to snack on.

$20 5 baskets needed
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Hay, Good Lookin'!

Ostriches are just like us when it comes to enjoying a side dish of fun with their meal. Serve them a delicious and challenging hay ball!

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Wade for Me!

Animal care staff sometimes slip into chest-high waders to tend to the swans and ducks and their habitat at the Swan Pond and Waterfowl Lagoon. Help them seal the deal with a waterproof purchase!

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