Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Graze Anatomy

The Farm-in-the-Zoo’s Flemish Giant rabbits enjoy crunchy alfalfa appetizers with their meals! Purchase some alfalfa cubes for these herbivores.



$14 16 shares needed
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Moo-isturizing Essentials

Luxurious lotion is a cosmetic necessity. Why not make it a bovine beauty treatment? Bag Balm is a cream that keeps the Holstein dairy cows’ udders soft and healthy.

$9 6 jars needed
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Brush Hour Traffic

Our goats get hands-on attention from zookeepers, who use the brushes you buy to groom cleaner, healthier animal coats.

$10 3 brushes needed
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Halter! Who Goes There?

Animal care staff will use the halters you purchase to lead shetland and pinto ponies through public grooming demonstrations.

Sold out!



That's Their Bag

With your generosity, our cows, sheep, ponies and goats will forage from hanging hay bags that encourage the animals to eat slowly while minimizing waste.

Sold out!



Jolly Good Fun

It’s not just the Cubs and White Sox that love to play ball. Give the zoo’s ponies jolly balls and watch the games begin as they kick, chase and toss the durable balls, which feature handy handles.

Sold out!



Take the Lead

Ponies have busy schedules. They don’t have secretaries, but they do have reins to help keepers take them from one appointment to another.  Make sure the ponies get from lunch to grooming on time—present them with some leather leads!

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Play Ball, Piglets!

Down at the farm the Mangalitsa piglets  are causing a stir with their energetic oinks! Give the new arrivals some plastic balls to play with so they can be active and entertained.



$6 14 shares needed
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Weight Your Turn

Cows, ponies and goats need to be weighed periodically, but regular scales won’t work. This heavy-duty number lets us monitor the weight of our heavy-duty animals.

$10 35 shares needed
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Flower Power

The Patio at Café Brauer, located just north of the Farm-in-the-Zoo, needs colorful baskets of flowers. The bright blooms will offer bursts of red, yellow and purple for all guests to enjoy on their day at the zoo!



$20 19 shares needed
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