Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Chick Please

The zoo’s newly hatched Chilean flamingo chicks are syringe-fed an egg-based diet rich in vitamins and oil. Help feed the hatchlings!

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Flamingo Foodies

Feeding famous flamingo chicks is not an easy task.  Purchase some heavy-duty canisters to help process their special diet and make it flamingo-ready.

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The Krill is Gone

The zoo’s adult flamingos get their celebrated pink plumage from beta carotene in krill, a small shrimp-like crustacean. Stuff their bills with krill!

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Chilean at the Crib

Animal Care staff will keep the flamingo chicks safe and sound inside a corral-like fence structure as they grow. Order a border for the fluffy flamingos!

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Flamingo Floor Show

Help protect the sensitive feet of our adult flamingos and their chicks with Nomad Mats. These sturdy floor coverings are definitely for the birds—in a very good way.

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Pumpkin for Humped Kin

Celebrate Halloween with the zoo’s Bactrian camel herd! The camels turn meal time into play time with whole pumpkins that double as rolling enrichment.

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Slither and Yon

Lizard for dinner sounds creepy, but not to Guam Micronesian kingfishers, who gobble up baskets of small, common lizards called anoles. Serve these rare birds—extinct in the wild—a slithering side dish to fuel their successful breeding!

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Hoppy Halloween

Trick or treat! Red kangaroos are clever creatures, so zookeepers give them a food ball with holes in it to exercise their brain. Jump at this opportunity today—buy a ball!

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Jelly in My Belly

As omnivores, black bears Papa and Kitai gobble jelly (along with just about everything else). Give them a sweet treat for Halloween that doubles as a fun enrichment item.

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Web Hosting Service

When it comes to Halloween-worthy zoo animals, it’s tough to top the golden silk spiders at Regenstein African Journey. Feed these amazing arachnids protein-rich crickets to help them weave webs from silk stronger than steel.

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Trick or Feet

The zoo’s birds—blue-faced honeyeaters, for instance—are always style-setters, and with fall fashion season upon us it’s time to give their dainty avian claws a pedicure. Give the zookeepers some dremel tips to tend to their fancy feet.

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Natural Born Kalers

Plants make up most of our herbivorous gorillas’ diets. Super-nutritious kale will benefit the zoo’s two troops and help baby Bella and toddlers Patty and Nayembi grow big and strong!

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Red River Dance

Coltrane and Lily, the zoo’s red river hogs, love boomer balls—tough, plastic spheres they can roll around their outdoor yard. Have a ball with these handsome hogs this Halloween!

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Making Bale

Cooler fall temps are great for sleeping. So is hay, which makes comfy beds for zoo animals from Sichuan takins to the black bear. Fork over a bale today.

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Ride the Grevy’s Train

The zoo’s Grevy’s zebras need to be weighed periodically, but regular scales won’t work. This heavy-duty number lets us monitor the weight of our heavy-duty animals.

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That’s Totally Whack

A good Halloween celebration needs party games. And few animals are as playful as the zoo’s white-cheeked gibbon family. Get the gang and their primate neighbors some enrichment piñatas stuffed with nutritious veggies, fruits and biscuits!

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Let’s Ketchup Sometime

What’s a Halloween party buffet without condiments? Fill the faux termite mounds in the chimpanzees’ habitat with ketchup and mustard they’ll cleverly extract with sticks.

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Bone Yard

Animated skeletons may be a haunted house favorite, but meaty bones are welcomed by the African lion pride. Give male Sahar and sisters Kamali and Zalika some crunchy protein enrichment.

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Spice Work If You Can Get It

Pumpkin spice is ever-popular at this time of year. Let the zoo’s puma Bexookee enjoy the aromatic trend with spices zookeepers will spread around her exhibit for scent enrichment.

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Tooth and Consequences

Parents know Halloween candy and dental care go together. But toothbrushes aren’t just for people. Give the zoo’s harbor seals new toothbrushes so zookeepers can help them maintain their pearly whites for fishy noshing.

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