Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Wobbly Weeto

Bounce with the red panda cubs as they pounce and play! Small weetos are durable and wobbly, allowing for hours of fun.

$15 19 shares needed
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The Kong Remains the Same

Tough, rubber Kong toys provide versatile enrichment for lots of animals, from your family dog to red pandas at the zoo. Help keep our red panda family fit and busy with a gift of Kong toys!

$4 4 shares needed
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Stalk is Cheap

Red pandas are unique tree-dwelling mammals that inhabit bamboo forests in their native South Asian range. Give the zoo’s red pandas some extra good luck this year with the gift of bamboo!

$12 29 shares needed
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What a Pear

Red pandas are picky eaters. Keep these unique arboreal mammals satisfied by sweetening up the daily bamboo menu with some tender pears.

$8 15 baskets needed
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TIghtrope Walkers

Red pandas have remarkable balance as they navigate tree branches. See how nimble dad Phoenix, mom Leafa and their son and daughter can be on a thick manila rope!

$16 10 shares needed
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Bedtime in the Treetops

Sturdy hammocks made from hose provide comfortable, elevated resting and sleeping spots evoking treetop nests used by the species in the wild. Buy the red pandas some beds!

$3 3 shares needed
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Trunk Show

Hollow logs not only look beautiful in the red pandas’ outdoor habitat—they also provide environmental enrichment for the curious cubs and their mom and dad.

$10 3 shares needed
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Wade for Me!

Animal care staff sometimes slip into chest-high waders to tend to the trumpeter swans and ducks and their habitat at the Swan Pond and Waterfowl Lagoon. Help them seal the deal with a waterproof purchase!

Sold out!



Puma Playtime

Our puma, Bexookee, loves to bat around a ball, clamp onto it with her claws and carry it in her mouth. Buy her a ball and you’ll have loads of fun watching.

Sold out!



DIY Party Favor

Keepers construct grapevine balls that North American river otters play with. Give staff the hardware to put the balls together.

$13 29 shares needed
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Crunchy Crickets

What’s the best meal for smooth green snakes? Crickets! Rich in protein and calcium, these crunchy insects are what’s for dinner.

$15 23 shares needed
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Go Fish

Bring joy to the harbor seals and egrets this year with fish—a perfect summer picnic! They snap up the seafood snacks and savor the ocean flavor.

$8 6 shares needed
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Lawn Lounging

Everyone likes a soft carpet to stand on. Help spruce up the red wolf and American beaver habitats with a pallet of new sod!

$10 2 shares needed
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Breakfast for Bears

Kids who throw cereal all over the floor get in trouble, but the zoo’s black bears like it that way! Get them some grains to forage on throughout their habitat.

Sold out!



Webbed Site

The hooded merganser and ruddy ducks at the zoo’s Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond and Waterfowl Lagoon appreciate sturdy mats to protect their sensitive feet. Treat their feet to some comfy cushions!

$18 20 shares needed
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Puma Pad

A soft, grassy carpet for puma paws is just what this big cat needs. Help rehab the pad with new grass for our puma to stroll around on.

$25 7 shares needed
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