Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Wobbly Weeto

Bounce with the red panda cubs as they pounce and play! Small weetos are durable and wobbly, allowing for hours of fun.

$15 3 shares needed
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The Kong Remains the Same

Tough, rubber Kong toys provide versatile enrichment for lots of animals, from your family dog to red pandas at the zoo. Help keep our red panda family fit and busy with a gift of Kong toys!

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Stalk is Cheap

Red pandas are unique tree-dwelling mammals that inhabit bamboo forests in their native South Asian range. Give the zoo’s red pandas some extra good luck this year with the gift of bamboo!

$12 4 shares needed
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What a Pear

Red pandas are picky eaters. Keep these unique arboreal mammals satisfied by sweetening up the daily bamboo menu with some tender pears.

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TIghtrope Walkers

Red pandas have remarkable balance as they navigate tree branches. See how nimble dad Phoenix, mom Leafa and their son and daughter can be on a thick manila rope!

$16 8 shares needed
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Bedtime in the Treetops

Sturdy hammocks made from hose provide comfortable, elevated resting and sleeping spots evoking treetop nests used by the species in the wild. Buy the red pandas some beds!

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Trunk Show

Hollow logs not only look beautiful in the red pandas’ outdoor habitat—they also provide environmental enrichment for the curious cubs and their mom and dad.

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Too Pool for School

Diving to the bottom of the pool and picking up rings to the applause of family and friends is a favorite summer game for kids across the country. Our seals love this game, too! Get them some targets and pool rings so they can play along with the trainers.

$8 7 shares needed
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Have an Ice Day

For swimmers at the zoo, the best treats are giant ice blocks in the pool. The seals will love pushing these chilly chunks around while bobbing through the water. Give them the gift of ice!

$25 15 shares needed
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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Lily and Coltrane, the zoo’s red river hogs, need bags of top soil to fill their mud wallow this summer. Give them some soil for a refreshing mud bath.

$10 7 bags needed
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Take It or Leaf It

Our apes don’t want an iceberg in their habitats, but they would like some iceberg lettuce to munch and crunch. Get them a head of lettuce so they can snack away!

$16 18 shares needed
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I Can Seed Clearly Now

Primates love the tangy taste of pomegranate seeds. Give them these juicy treats to nibble between games of chase.

$4 42 shares needed
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Air-Tight Seal

The harbor seals won’t clean house, but our zookeepers do. Lend a hand by providing them with a spa vacuum for the Kovler Sea Lion Pool.

$5 3 shares needed
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Snow Monkey Sling

Macaques love to nap in hammocks, too! These sturdy hammocks are hung high in the exhibits, offering our animals a new napping spot.

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water...

…and you can make him drink with an automatic waterer. Help the Shetland ponies quench their thirst at the Farm-in-the-Zoo with these stainless-steel drinking devices!

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The Beak Shall Inherit the Perch

Give the European white storks a fancy seafood dinner for their summer picnic. Fresh fish they can snap up with their beaks are just the tasty treat they crave.

$20 20 shares needed
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