Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Invitation to the Royal Ball

King, the zoo’s 1-year-old rhino calf, already weighs more than 1,000 pounds! Curator of Mammals Mark Kamhout says the burly boy won’t wear out sturdy enrichment like boomer balls as he knocks them around with his growing horn.

$33 9 shares needed
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Rockin' Bobbin

Zookeepers stuff healthy treats into hanging bobbin feeders for the big cats at the Kovler Lion House, says Kamhout. Serve up some fun meal-time enrichment for African lion Sahar and his feline neighbors.

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Order Another Round

Large mammals at the zoo—from black rhinos to the jaguar—like to test their dexterity with a large, tough plastic ball that contains a smaller ball inside. Because that’s just the way they roll.

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There's a Quack in the Floor

Ducklings and other waterfowl reared in off-exhibit brooders (heated enclosures) need floor mats that allow water below but keep ducklings dry above. Help Curator of Birds Sunny Nelson and her zookeeper staff raise some ducks!

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Hold it Right There—You're Dusted!

Sometimes bird moms aren’t able to care for offspring. Chicks raised off-exhibit need to imprint on a lookalike, not a human caregiver, and feather dusters play the part quite well!

$7 6 dusters are needed
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She's Weaving Home

Female lesser green broadbills at the McCormick Bird House build nests from raffia bundles. The process can look chaotic at times, says Nelson, but mama knows exactly where each strand needs to go.

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Extraterrestrial Servings

The pied tamarins at the Helen Brach Primate House have a somewhat alien appearance. Why not buy these Brazilian rainforest monkeys a “Flying Saucer” hanging feeder they can orbit around while foraging?

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Monkey See, Monkey Groom

Treetop canopy primates don’t get more adorable than Bolivian gray titi monkeys. Help the zoo’s family reflect on this fact with hanging mirrors they’ll enjoy as extra enrichment. Curator of Primates Maureen Leahy will appreciate the gesture.

$12 9 shared needed
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Pit Crew

Leahy says the zoo’s gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates go through 7–10 avocados a week per individual. Get them halfway to a guacamole with a month’s worth of the wholesome green fruit!

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Cleave it for Beaver

The American beavers at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo can cut down branches with their teeth, but zookeepers use garden pruners to cut down leafy browse for their daily diets, says Curator Diane Mulkerin. Make a salad for these aquatic mammals!

$15 1 are needed
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You Basked for It!

The zoo’s smooth green snakes—part of a local wildlife reintroduction program the zoo helps manage—bask beneath ultraviolet halogen light bulbs in their home at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo. Light up their lives and give them the strength to carry on.

$8 19 bulbs are needed
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Temp Service

Wireless digital thermometers help monitor temperatures in the zoo’s reptile exhibits, says Mulkerin. Help keep the scaled, slithering set nice and toasty warm.

$10 14 are needed
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Mist Opportunity

Reverse osmosis filters are used at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House to mist reptile exhibits housing species from Madagascar tree boas to Mexican beaded lizards. Shower these scaly inhabitants with your Wish List gift!

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