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Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Weighs and Means

Nutritionists and animal care staff rely on scales to help them monitor the health of the zoo’s gorillas. They can develop a more informed nutrition program for Bahati and her growing baby by periodically recording their weights. Weigh in on this process yourself by helping to purchase a new scale.

$20 17 shares needed
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Time for Beddy Buy

Spongy shavings of wood wool (also known as excelsior) are popular enrichment and bedding materials with Regenstein Center for African Ape's (RCAA) gorillas, who often drag them into their nests when it’s time for a little shut-eye. Help provide Bahati, baby and the others with a great ape’s version of a fine duvet.

$8 9 bags needed
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Salad Days

Gorillas are predominantly herbivorous. Plants make up most of their diet. That’s especially true now for Bahati, who needs to increase her food intake during the early days of motherhood. You can help out by buying Bahati some crispy, nutritious kale.

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Groom with a View

The momentous birth of a young gorilla is an ideal time for reflection. Help Bahati and the other troop members see themselves in a new light with Looky-Loos, popular plastic dishes inset with plastic mirrors.

$5 16 shares needed
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Seeds of Change

Pineapple make for nutritious treats during mealtime or operant conditioning sessions at RCAA. Supplement Bahati's and her companions’ diets with some fragrant fruit today.

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Baby Boomer Generation

Keepers at RCAA put frozen juice and sugar-free Jell-O inside small boomer balls for the gorillas, who slowly sip out the sweet treats. Celebrate the baby gorilla girl’s arrival with a round for the whole family, including the little one’s 2-year-old half sisters, Patty (pictured) and Nayembi!

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They Get A Round

How do you welcome the eight-member macaque troop to its new Regenstein Macaque Forest home? With 4.5-inch boomer balls! Keepers love the enrichment they provide.

$8 7 boomer balls needed
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Tick, Tick, Boomer

Sturdy boomer balls come in all sizes. Double the snow monkeys’ fun with 10-inch boomer balls! The heftier balls will provide an engaging challenge for these large primates. Because that’s the way they roll. 

$20 1 boomer balls needed
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The Kong Remains the Same

Tough, rubber Kong toys provide versatile enrichment for lots of animals, from your family dog to snow monkeys at the zoo. Help keep our macaques fit and busy with a gift of Kong toys!

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Sling Along

Primates love to nap in hammocks, too! Sturdy hammocks in the macaque troop’s off-exhibit area provide elevated resting and sleeping spots evoking treetop nests used by the species in the wild. Buy the snow monkeys some beds!

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Getting Saucy With Each Other

In the wild, snow monkeys feast on fruit, flowers, seeds and leaves in spring and summer. The zoo’s nutritionists design comparable diets for these macaques. One of the tastiest items on the menu? Applesauce! Fuel their fun with jars of this sweet, healthy treat.

$5 7 jars needed
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Hoppy Meal

Macaques mainly eat a veggie diet—but not entirely. Crickets provide a rich source of protein and calcium. These crunchy insects are what’s for dinner.

$15 13 shares needed
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Pit Stop

Avocados are a favorite snack of macaques. Loaded with nutrients, these green goodies will fuel the snow monkeys’ romps through their forested habitat.

$6 14 shares needed
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Shell Game

Zookeepers put frozen, diluted fruit juice and sugar-free gelatin in coconut shells for the snow monkeys. The monkeys like to gnaw on the shells, too—which provide some extra teeth-sharpening enrichment. Get them some coconuts!

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