Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Ball of the Wild

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Amur tigers, Molly and Pahstrel, aren’t so different from house cats in the way they play. Buy them some tough, plastic balls they can bat around with their big paws.

$15 9 shares needed
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Totally Gnawsome

Meaty bones provide protein-packed enrichment for residents of the Kovler Lion House. Male jaguar Kianto can gnaw on one all afternoon. Treat the big cat to a satisfying snack.

$12 14 shares needed
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Stalk is Cheap

They’re big and tough-looking, but the eastern black rhinoceroses at Lincoln Park Zoo love to nibble delicate alfalfa hay. Buy some sprouts for Ricko, Kapuki, King and Maku to enjoy!

$25 2 shares needed
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Nutty Professors

Apes love to solve puzzles when their reward is the buttery crunch of macadamia nuts. Supply the chimpanzees and gorillas with tasty nuts when they voluntarily participate in cognitive research at Regenstein Center for African Apes.

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King's Landing

Rhinos of all ages love playing with boomer balls—big, sturdy spheres they can smack around. Buy male calf King and company some rhino-proof enrichment. 

$20 18 shares needed
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Langur Management Therapy

You might like blueberries in a pie or a muffin, but the zoo’s Francois’ langurs love to get their hands on as many fresh berries as they can. Help share these delicious treats!

$5 15 pints needed
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Cool Hand Cuke

Golden-headed lion tamarins know what they like: fresh greens and crispy cucumbers. Give them a nice spring salad to snack on!

Sold out!



Guac This Way

Many primates, such as white-cheeked gibbons, are herbivores. Please their veggie palates with yummy, nutritious avocado slices.

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Gorilla Thrilla

Great apes need big toys. Give silverback Kwan and his group an enrichment cylinder they can knock about!

$10 3 shares needed
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Rhino Spa

Beauty treatments are in order for the zoo’s four rhinos. Give them top soil for mud wallows (mud protects their skin from the sun and biting insects) and nail-trimming supplies. A pedicure is just what first-time mom Kapuki deserves after a day of minding her big baby boy, King.

$20 6 Kits needed
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Significant Otter

Asian small-clawed otters at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House don’t watch their weight—but we do. Help zookeepers monitor their health and development by chipping in for some gram scales.

$18 22 shares needed
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Snowball Fight

It’s round, it rolls and it’s non-stop fun! Our snow leopard, Taza, loves to thump and claw boomer balls, and keepers love the enrichment they provide.

Sold out!



For Goodness' Snakes

What’s the best meal for smooth green snakes? Crickets! Rich in protein and calcium, these crunchy insects are what’s for dinner.

$12 16 shares needed
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They're On a Roll

Whether pawing it around their yard or rolling around inside it, our African wild dogs will be enriching their lives with a barrel. They’ll have a barrel of fun with your help!

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Return of the King

Guam Micronesian kingfishers are extinct in the wild. The zoo’s pair has done its part to bolster the species' numbers, producing dozens of chicks over the years. Contribute to this important breeding program with a basket of anoles--small, common lizards these rare birds love to eat.

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