Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Bounce House

The Japanese snow monkeys aren’t daunted by winter weather, but they need some behind-the-scenes exercise as well. Give baby boy Obu and the troop some Aussie dog bungees for a challenging holiday game!

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Panda Claws Is Coming to Town

Give red panda cubs Clark and Addison and their parents, Leafa and Phoenix, something to chew on: bamboo! The growing family will get a healthy dose of fiber and nutrition from the shoots and leaves.

$25 9 baskets
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Ding Dong, It’s a Kong

Tough, rubber Kong toys provide versatile enrichment for the snow monkeys at the zoo. Help keep our macaques fit and busy with a gift of Kong toys!

$7 7 shares
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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snowy

Few animals represent the winter season better than Freya and Stanley, our snowy owl pair. Help them get ready for nesting season next spring with a nest box gift this holiday!

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Salad Days

The zoo’s western lowland gorillas—from mighty silverback Kwan to his youngest daughter, Bella—feast on fresh salad greens in their daily diets. Help keep them healthy and fit with a gift of greens.

$5 6 baskets
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Roll-Playing Exercise

The sisters who comprise our African painted dog pack like to paw barrels around their yard or roll around inside them. Play director and cast them in the roll of a lifetime.

$10 29 shares
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Looky, Looky, Bexookee

Our puma, Bexookee, loves to bat around a boomer ball, clamp onto it with her claws and carry it in her mouth. Buy her a ball and have a ball watching her play with it!

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Pied Pepper

Few primate species are as active as pied tamarins, small primates native to the Brazilian rainforest canopy. Give the zoo’s acrobatic troop some red and green peppers to fuel their treetop romps.

$7 27 baskets
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Order Another Round

Taza, the zoo’s male snow leopard, likes to test his dexterity with a large, tough plastic boomer ball. Because that’s just the way he rolls.

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Ball in the Family

What holiday gift is ideal for the nine-member troop at Regenstein Macaque Forest? Small boomer balls that both adults and baby Ono can play with and sip frozen juice from for extra enrichment.

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Fox Lunch

Minnie, the zoo’s fennec fox, is an omnivore whose diet includes nutritious fruit. Help her stay healthy and fit with some juicy tomatoes!

$14 15 baskets
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Seedy Delivery

Some call pomegranates the fruit of the gods. Maybe that’s why our birds, like the scarlet ibis, find them divine. Give our feathered friends some juicy pomegranate seeds to slurp up this season.

$4 37 baskets
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Put It On Their Bill

Send the Blyth’s hornbills on a tropical vacation this winter with some papayas! Juicy and sweet, these fruits will bring the birds back to their rainforest roots.

$10 8 baskets
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Groom with a View

The holidays are an ideal time for reflection. Help Hank and the other members of his chimpanzee troop see themselves in a new light with Looky-Loos, popular plastic dishes inset with plastic mirrors.

$7 9 shares
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What's Missing, Lynx?

It’s round, it rolls and it’s non-stop fun! The Eurasian lynxes love to play with boomer balls, and keepers love the enrichment these feline-friendly items provide.

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Slingin’ the Blues

The snow monkeys interact with a computer touch-screen during cognitive training sessions. When they select symbols in the correct order they’re rewarded with a sweet treat. Get the gang some blueberries so they can keep playing their favorite game!

$5 31 baskets
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Good Hay, Sunshine

Hanging hay balls encourage natural foraging behaviors for the giraffes. This holiday feast is a tall order for them but rich in fiber and fun.

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Hippo, Hippo, Hurray!

What’s purple, shaped like a giant egg and popular zoo-wide? Eggplant! Help us slice some up for the pair of hungry pygmy hippos (who, it must be said, somewhat resemble eggplants) at Regenstein African Journey.

$8 6 baskets
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Ain’t Too Proud to Bag

With your generosity, the Shetland ponies at the Farm-in-the-Zoo will forage from hanging hay bags that encourage the animals to eat slowly while minimizing waste.

$18 13 shares
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Go, Cubs, Go

Red pandas have remarkable balance as they navigate tree branches. See how nimble dad Phoenix, mom Leafa and their young cubs, Clark and Addison, can be on a thick manila rope!

$8 20 shares
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Fruit, Fruit, Fruit for the Home Team

Congratulate the black-and-white colobus family on their newest addition, a baby born on September 15. Sweet, tangy pineapple makes the perfect present for these arboreal monkeys.

$12 15 baskets
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A Bone to Pick

Meaty bones provide protein-packed enrichment for the carnivores at the Kovler Lion House. Treat the Amur tigers to a totally gnawsome snack.

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Disc Jockeys

The zoo’s western lowland gorillas need a giant Frisbee. The large disc is an enrichment toy the apes like to knock and fling about. Give the gift of play!

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Go Fish

Bring joy to the harbor seals this year with fish—a fintastic holiday feast! The three male seals snap up the seafood snacks and savor the ocean flavor.

$16 27 baskets
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Fashion Plates

The perfect holiday feast isn’t complete without appropriate serveware. Seriously sturdy options are required for black rhinos. Get male calf King and his family some new dishes!

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Rocky Ball-Boa

The western lowland gorillas at Regenstein Center for African Apes enjoy a good challenge. Put them to the test by purchasing a Rocky Lou feeder ball—a half sphere equipped with a mirror—that will direct their gaze to tasty treats hidden inside.

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Just Beat It

Enrichment piñatas full of nutritious veggies, fruits and biscuits will keep the crowned lemur family busy—including baby Volana. You can provide the piñata materials!

$12 43 shares
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Boom Town

Bear down, Lincoln Park Zoo bears! Toss black bears Papa and Katai a new ball: a big, tough boomer ball they’ll knock around their woodsy habitat at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo.

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A Game of Squash

The best part of any party is dessert, and this holiday season we’re serving pumpkin “pie.” Give the active Francois’ langur troop—including toddler Pierre—some canned pumpkin to fuel their athletic play bouts.

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Holy Mole-y

They have faces only a mother could love. But the zoo’s naked mole rat colony deserves some holiday love too. Stock their burrow’s pantry with scrumptious squash!

$9 20 baskets
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Swinging Holiday Party

The zoo’s white-cheeked gibbon family loves to play with enrichment. Get brothers Sai and Daxin and their parents, Burma and Caruso, some small boomer balls they can work into their acrobatic routines.

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Alfalfa for the Little Rascals

Klipspringers will jump at some alfalfa cubes. The crunchy grass is the preferred snack food for these dwarf antelopes after a day of rock climbing in the Dry Thorn Forest habitat at Regenstein African Journey.

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Sichuan Sips

Toast the takins! Help the Sichuan takins—including young brothers Mengyao, Xing Fu and Kalsang—quench their thirst with burly, stainless-steel water dispensers.

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'Roo Warmup

Red kangaroos are sturdy marsupials, but Chicago winters are chillier than Down Under. Help the mob stay warm behind the scenes with some infrared heaters!

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King-Size Bed

Everyone at the zoo needs a good night sleep. Fresh straw makes the perfect bedding material for black rhinos Maku, Ricko, Kapuki and King. Fork over a bale of straw today!

$5 63 shares
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Takin Me Out to the Ball Game

Sichuan takins are a lot more nimble than their massive size suggests. Able to navigate mountainous terrain in their native China, they also know how to play ball. Treat the herd to a burly boomer ball.

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Salute the Kernel

Corn is a veggie fave for lots of zoo animals, including the dwarf mongoose family at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House. Give these active, enrichment-loving residents an a-maize-ing taste for the holidays.

$8 17 baskets
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Better Than a Fruitcake

The chimpanzees’ omnivorous diets include healthy helpings of fruits and veggies. Give Hank’s troop and new arrivals Zachary and Patrick some tasty applesauce they can extract from enrichment devices for the holidays!

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