Wish List

Buy Something Special for the Zoo’s Animals

Want to share a special treat with your favorite animal? Browse the Lincoln Park Zoo Wish List, which has everything they love, from tasty snacks to fun-fueling toys.


Cat Scratch Receiver

Our puma, Bexookee, loves to bat around a ball, clamp onto it with her claws and carry it in her mouth. Buy her a ball and have a ball watching her play with it!

$30 3 shares needed
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Lynx Hijinks

Zookeepers hang a tire from a branch, wrap paper around it, and Eurasian lynx sisters Jillian and Mirka rip the paper off. Sometimes they’ll hide behind the tire and pounce on each other. It’s great fun and exercise at the same time.


$50 4 tires needed
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Takin Me Out to the Ball Game

Growing Sichuan takins love to play. Get baby boy Kalsang and his older half-brothers Mengyao and Xing Fu a heavy-duty boomer ball they can roll around their outdoor yard. Their Bactrian camel neighbors will appreciate one as well!

$18 13 shares needed
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Plant Parenthood

From fairy bluebirds to emerald starlings, the zoo’s birds prefer privacy when breeding. Help improve the aesthetics of their habitats with a purchase of silk ficus sprays.

$36 8 shares needed
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Roll Playing Exercise

The sisters who comprise our African wild dog pack like to paw barrels around their yard or roll around inside them. Play director and cast them in the roll of a lifetime.

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Alfalfa for Little Rascals

Klipspringers will jump at some alfalfa cubes. The crunchy grass is the preferred snack food for these dwarf antelopes after a day of rock climbing in the Dry Thorn Forest habitat at Regenstein African Journey.

$15 26 shares needed
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Squish Squash

Nutty and sweet—who doesn’t like squash? Everyone at the zoo, from black rhinos to Bolivian gray titi monkeys, gobbles it up faster than kids eating candy. This holiday season offer zoo residents scrumptious squash!

$9 37 baskets needed
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Great Balls of Fire Hose

Black bears Papa and Kitai love to play with bear-proof balls made of fire hose and hardware. Stoke their engines with this heavy-duty enrichment.

$20 20 shares needed
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Preening in Pink

Chilean flamingos preen in front of mirrors at their indoor habitat by the Waterfowl Lagoon. More importantly, mirrors provide extra enrichment as the birds watch reflected movements of pink feathers in the glass.

Sold out!



Fruit Ninjas

Using that tiny scoop to make a hundred melon balls out of one cantaloupe? African lion Sahar and Amur tiger Molly have their own plans on how to use melon—as big balls for pawing, slicing open and chomping!

$16 11 baskets needed
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Feline Frenzy

Keep our African lion and Amur tiger occupied for hours with big cat bungees. Whether swatting or gnawing on these durable toys, our favorite felines love these hanging play things.

$19 12 shares needed
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Purrfectly Seasoned

In the doldrums of winter what better to spice up a day than curry and cinnamon? Buy the lynx sisters some spices that zookeepers will spread around their exhibit for scent enrichment.

$5 7 shares needed
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Good Hay, Sunshine

Hanging hay balls encourage natural foraging behaviors for the zoo’s Baringo giraffes, Grant’s gazelle and ostriches. Treat the gang to a holiday feast rich in fiber and fun.

Sold out!




Many monkeys and small mammals are herbivores. Include them in the holiday festivities with a gift of yummy, nutritious avocado slices.

$6 12 baskets needed
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Rocky Ball-boa

The western lowland gorillas at Regenstein Center for African Apes enjoy a good challenge. Put them to the test by purchasing a Rocky Lou feeder ball—a half sphere equipped with a mirror—that will direct their gaze to tasty treats hidden inside.

$12 7 shares needed
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Deck the Hall

Dress up the landmark Kovler Lion House with festive flower pots for the holiday season. Your leafy gift will be the cat’s meow of animal house decorations.

$30 8 shares needed
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Put It on Their Bill

Send the Blyth’s hornbills on a tropical vacation this winter with some papayas! Juicy and sweet, these fruits will bring the birds back to their rainforest roots.

Sold out!



Knock, Knock! Hooves There?

They may look indestructible, but animals’ hooves require lots of TLC. Keepers massage fortifying lotion on the hooves of rhinos, waterbucks and other ungulates to keep their feet fit and firm.

Sold out!



Home Sweet Dome

Many diminutive residents of Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House use domed nesting structures for resting and raising young. The next round is on you!

$12 8 shares needed
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Cricket Match

What’s the best holiday meal for smooth green snakes? Crickets! Rich in protein and calcium, these crunchy insects are what’s for dinner.

Sold out!



Wobbly Weebles

Bounce with the lion and tiger as they pounce and play this holiday season! Small weebles are durable and wobbly, allowing for hours of fun.

$25 17 shares needed
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I Came, I Jigsawed, I Conquered

Puzzle feeders prompt zoo animals to use their problem-solving and fine-motor skills to get at treats hidden within. Make meal time fun time for the meerkats at Regenstein African Journey!

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Stalk is Cheap

Red pandas are unique tree-dwelling mammals that inhabit bamboo forests in their native South Asian range. Give the zoo’s red panda some extra good luck this year with the gift of bamboo!

$35 11 shares needed
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Piñata Party

Pack our enrichment piñatas full of nutritious veggies, fruits and biscuits for gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates. The apes and monkeys will enjoy unwrapping the colorful presents this holiday!

$10 11 kits needed
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Salad Days

The zoo’s primates—from mighty silverback gorilla Kwan to white-cheeked gibbon youngster Daxin—feast on fresh salad greens in their daily diets. Help keep them healthy and fit with a gift of greens.

$9 30 baskets needed
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Not a Creature Was Stirring

Everyone at the zoo needs a good night sleep. Fresh straw makes the perfect mattress whether you’re a Sichuan takin or a jaguar. Fork over a bale of straw today!

$5 29 bales needed
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Shroom Service

Meerkats at Regenstein African Journey will knock around a Shroom Room—a mushroom-shaped enrichment device—until delicious treats fall out. Buy them a Shroom and reward them for their efforts!

Sold out!