Heritage Society Newsletter

Mary and Bruce Feay are among the members profiled in the Heritage Society newsletter, which also features planned giving options and zoo news.

Planned giving options, zoo news and profiles of donors such as Mary and Bruce Feay are featured in the Heritage Society newsletter.

Connecting You to Lincoln Park Zoo

Published three times a year, the Lincoln Park Zoo Heritage Society newsletter presents the variety of ways you can support the zoo and features members of the Heritage Society.

Winter 2014
Featuring Bruce and Sandy Wechsler (644 kb)




Fall 2013
Featuring Miriam Federgren (572 kb)

Summer 2013
Featuring Barb and Glenn Grossklags (765 kb)

Winter 2013
Featuring Ways to Give (330 kb)

Fall 2012
Featuring Dianne and Terry Bruggeman (765 kb)

Summer 2012
Featuring Bruce and Mary Feay (1.2 mb)

Winter 2012
Featuring Marguerite Larson and Ruth McLaughlin (1.3 mb)

Fall 2011
Featuring Judy Keller (1.2 mb)

Summer 2011
Featuring Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo (1.3 mb)
Winter 2011
Featuring Anne McCreary Juhasz, Ph.D. (1.12 mb)

Fall 2010
Featuring Dr. Lester E. Fisher (1.07 mb)
Summer 2010
Featuring Leah Melber, Ph.D. (1.07 mb)
  Winter 2010
Featuring Gene and Honor Ferretti (1.12 mb)
Fall 2009
Featuring Tom and Sherry Zimmerman (809 kb)

Spring 2009
Featuring Nancy McDaniel (1.11 mb)