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Celebrate the season with special holiday ADOPT gifts for your favorite animal lovers. This season’s three featured ADOPTs—red panda, African lion and African penguin—are ambassador species bearing a message of wildlife conservation. Your Holiday ADOPT purchase supports the zoo’s efforts on behalf of these amazing animals.

Clark and Addison, the first red pandas ever born at the zoo, arrived on June 26, 2015. The brother and sister, named by longtime zoo donor Sharon Zackfia for the iconic street address of the Chicago Cubs, live with mom Leafa and dad Phoenix at the Kovler Lion House.

Female African lions Zalika and Kamali, born at Oregon Zoo, arrived at Lincoln Park Zoo last May. The 2-year-old sisters share an exhibit at the Kovler Lion House with 5-year-old male Sahar.

Lincoln Park Zoo will become home to more than a dozen African penguins when the Robert and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove debuts in 2016. They are the only penguin species found on the African continent.

Holiday ADOPT options include a cuddly plush, animal photo, magnet photo frame, fun fact sheet and personalized ADOPT certificate.



Twice as Nice with Ice

Holiday Experience ADOPT packages also include one ice time voucher, one skate rental voucher and two hot chocolate vouchers redeemable at Ice Skating at Lincoln Park Zoo Presented by PowerShares QQQ. (Vouchers are good through January 3, 2016.)


Holiday ADOPT packages and Holiday Experience ADOPT packages must be ordered by Wednesday, December 16, to ensure delivery by December 25.


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Flamingos are so strongly associated with the color pink that it’s nearly impossible to think about them in any other way. But that’s not how they come into the world. Flamingo chicks start out with a fine, fuzzy down that’s grayish-white. They also have straight beaks.

See for yourself in the above photo of the very first flamingo ever born at Lincoln Park Zoo. This Chilean flamingo chick hatched on September 11 behind-the-scenes at the McCormick Bird House. Four more chicks hatched soon after.

When the chicks are ready—a process that may take months—they’ll join the flamingo group outdoors at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Waterfowl Lagoon. They’ll eventually learn the flock’s intricate, synchronized behaviors, such as head flagging and wing salutes. And as they feed on krill, a shrimp-like crustacean, they’ll acquire those signature pink feathers.

Want to help bring up the flamingo chicks? You can with a special Chilean flamingo ADOPT!


ADOPT a Flamingo Chick

Why ADOPT an Animal from Lincoln Park Zoo?

Every animal at the zoo receives:

  • Expert care from keepers who oversee their daily lives
  • Specially formulated diets to meet diverse nutritional needs
  • Regular veterinary checkups to ensure each individual is in tip-top shape
  • Enrichment that prompts mental and physical stimulation and encourages animals to exhibit the same behaviors they would in the wild

Your ADOPT donation helps pay for all this and more!

• High resolution JPG photograph of your animal
• PDF personalized certificate of ADOPTion for you to print or email
• PDF animal fact sheet

Emailed within 3-5 days of your order


• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed animal fact sheet
• 4x5 photograph of your animal printed on high quality museum archival paper
• Magnetized photo frame

Shipped within 7-10 days of your order


• Plush of your chosen animal
• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed animal fact sheet
• 4x5 photograph of your animal printed on high quality museum archival paper
• Magnetized photo frame

Shipped within 7-10 days of your order

*Includes domestic shipping only. For shipping outside the United States, please call the Membership hotline, (312)742-2322,or email

To purchase one of these or many other special ADOPT packages click an option above, visit Wild Things gift shop at Lincoln Park Zoo or call 312-742-2322. Don't see your favorite animal listed? Call us! All the animals at Lincoln Park Zoo are available for ADOPTion.

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