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Sister Act

Sisters are doing it for themselves at Lincoln Park Zoo’s African wild dog exhibit. The zoo’s pack consists of Lulu, Ola and Ono, three sisters born November 25, 2010, at Brookfield Zoo, where they were part of a litter of 10 pups. They’ve lived at Regenstein African Journey since spring 2012.

It’s tempting to compare your pet pooch to the frolicsome threesome. African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) are relatively small and sport beautiful fur coats of mottled earth tones. The zoo’s wild dogs often scamper around their woodsy outdoor yard, foraging, engaging in play behavior and exploring enrichment items provided by keepers.

But in their native sub-Saharan African range, these carnivores are among nature’s most proficient predators, using tactical strategy and numbers to bring down prey much larger than themselves. Beautiful, yes. Cuddly, no.

Sadly, habitat destruction, disease, and hunting by humans have decimated this species’ wild population. Lincoln Park Zoo is helping reduce disease spread by domestic dogs in East Africa’s Serengeti region through its Serengeti Health Initiative vaccination program. The zoo also participates in the African Wild Dog Species Survival Plan®, a shared conservation effort by zoos throughout the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

You can help, too, with the purchase of our African Wild Dog ADOPT! ADOPTs support care for the zoo’s wild dogs and include all sorts of fun items—including a plush that, we must admit, is quite cuddly.


ADOPT an African Wild Dog




Chill Out with a Snow Monkey

The eight members of the zoo’s new Japanese macaque troop traveled all the way from Japan to inaugurate their new home: the spectacular Regenstein Macaque Forest. Welcome them to Chicago by supporting their daily care with a special Japanese macaque ADOPT!

Commonly called snow monkeys, these highly intelligent, social animals are the northernmost-living primate species (other than humans) on earth. In winter, they sport thick fur coats and soak in hot springs. Come summer, their coats are lighter and you may see them washing fruits and vegetables in the water—a behavior common in their native island habitat. Their faces? Those stay red year-round!


ADOPT a Japanese Macaque


Why ADOPT an Animal from Lincoln Park Zoo?

Every animal at the zoo receives:

  • Expert care from keepers who oversee their daily lives
  • Specially formulated diets to meet diverse nutritional needs
  • Regular veterinary checkups to ensure each individual is in tip-top shape
  • Enrichment that prompts mental and physical stimulation and encourages animals to exhibit the same behaviors they would in the wild

Your ADOPT donation helps pay for all this and more!

• High resolution JPG photograph of your animal
• PDF personalized certificate of ADOPTion for you to print or email
• PDF animal fact sheet

Emailed within 3-5 days of your order


• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed animal fact sheet
• 4x5 photograph of your animal printed on high quality museum archival paper
• Magnetized photo frame

Shipped within 7-10 days of your order


• Plush of your chosen animal
• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed animal fact sheet
• 4x5 photograph of your animal printed on high quality museum archival paper
• Magnetized photo frame

Shipped within 7-10 days of your order

*Includes domestic shipping only. For shipping outside the United States, please call the Membership hotline, (312)742-2322,or email

To purchase one of these or many other special ADOPT packages click an option above, visit Wild Things gift shop at Lincoln Park Zoo or call 312-742-2322. Don't see your favorite animal listed? Call us! All the animals at Lincoln Park Zoo are available for ADOPTion.

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