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Lionel Train Adventure to Open at Lincoln Park Zoo Oct. 2

Zoo Hosts Weekend of Events for New Locomotive

(Chicago) – In honor of their new electric-powered locomotive, Lincoln Park Zoo will be opening the new Lionel Train Adventure on October 2 and offering a weekend of events through October 5.
Equipped with coal cars and a wheelchair accessible caboose, the brand new track-less train takes passengers on a journey beginning at a red brick station and embarking through a rich evergreen forest. The 28-passenger train crosses over a quaint country bridge, continuing onto a craggy canyon and pass through a lofty birch forest before returning to the red brick station.
Lincoln Park Zoo Members will ride free October 2 to 5 with a valid member ID. The first 50 train passengers on opening weekend will receive a free Lionel wooden train whistle.
Lionel Train Adventure is located inside the zoo’s newly renovated west gate. Rides are $3 per passenger and tickets are sold at the red brick station seasonally. For more information about Lincoln Park Zoo, visit

Regenstein Macaque Forest opening date is still to be determined. The goal is to offer a soft opening this fall as the monkeys acclimate to their new exhibit. Grand opening is planned for Spring 2015.

Regenstein Macaque Forest

  • Regenstein Macaque Forest is the largest construction site for an animal exhibit at Lincoln Park Zoo in nine years.
  • The outdoor exhibit space for the snow monkeys is 7,372 sq. ft. with an additional 3,742 sq. ft. of behind-the-scenes animal space.
  • Regenstein Macaque Forest has three large trees for climbing, giving the monkeys an option to explore the canopy of the exhibit. The draped mesh canopy enclosure provides additional space for animals and transparency for viewing.
  • The outdoor exhibit space at Regenstein Macaque Forest will feature several trees (deadfall, live and artificial trees), white pine trees and a rock slope mirroring the natural habitat range of Japanese macaques.
  • Japanese macaques have been observed both soaking in hot springs and cleaning food in streams. The exhibit will have an 850 gallon hot spring as well as a 1,250 gallon flowing stream.
  • Equipped with webcams, the exhibit will combine cutting edge behavioral and cognitive research with educational interpretive learning programs, providing visitors a unique opportunity to observe primatologists interacting with the monkeys.
  • Regenstein Macaque Forest will also feature a researcher’s tunnel, nicknamed the “hobbit hole,” where researchers will conduct voluntary cognitive studies with the monkeys and observe the population as a whole.
  • Two sheltered viewing areas are also available for guests with glass windows measuring 48 feet across giving the illusion of being in the exhibit with the monkeys.
  • The exhibit space will feature feeders in the form of traditional stone Japanese lanterns, scattered throughout the landscape that are aimed to entice the Japanese macaques into view and elicit natural behaviors.
  • In addition to the exhibit space, Regenstein Macaque Forest has an 800 sq. ft. meeting space for zoo staff and private rentals plus public restroom stalls and a family restroom.
  • Green roofs are installed all on compatible behind-the-scenes and event areas. These spaces also include recycled flooring in the meeting space and energy efficient LED lights throughout.
  • Regenstein Macaque Forest is part of a $15.5 million capital improvement plan including the new Lionel Train Adventure, additional dining space and restrooms as well as a new West Gate entrance to the zoo.




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