What to Do at Chicago's Zoo

Get Nose to Nose with Nature

Free and open every day of the year, Lincoln Park Zoo has something for everyone. Meet animals from around the world, relax among Chicago’s most-visited gardens and join us for exciting daily programs and events.

Family Fun

Lincoln Park Zoo is one of Chicago’s top family destinations. Meet blue-tongued skinks, grab lunch at Park Place Café or join us for fun family events including the opportunity to Sleep Under the Skyscrapers.
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  Adult Adventures

Lincoln Park Zoo isn’t just for kids. Adults can get nose-to-nose with great apes, take a break with beer and wine, and sign up for gardening classes and adult-only extravaganzas.
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Which Animals Can I See?
Plan your animal agenda by seeing what can be found in the zoo’s exhibits and animal houses—everything from bushbabies to black rhinos.
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What's Happening Today?
Want to Meet an Animal or observe a Great Ape Training Session? Make the most of your visit by exploring some of the zoo’s exciting daily programs!
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What Can I Eat?
Park Place Café has something for every appetite. Café at Wild Things has a full array of organic eats, and the Patio at Café Brauer offers a relaxing pondside view with its drinks and meals.
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What Else Can I Do?

Lincoln Park Zoo Events Calendar
Browse our entire calendar to see upcoming programs and events.
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