Winter 2011


Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine
Winter 2011

In the Field
Mapping Lincoln Park Zoo Conservation Around the Globe

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In This Issue
Pit Stains and Puppy Love

Anna Czupryna shares the drool and dirt of tracking domestic dog populations in the Serengeti.

Studying Play Is Hard Work

It’s a struggle for researcher Matthew Heintz to keep up with Gombe’s chimpanzees as he studies how they play through the forest.

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Online Exclusives


Vaccinate the Serengeti
By vaccinating pet dogs, zoo scientists protect the Serengeti’s lions,
hyenas—and people too! But vaccinators have to stay on top of their
work…as you’ll see when you try it yourself.


Identify the Tracks
Winter snow at Lincoln Park Zoo helps outline every animal’s tracks. Can
you look at the prints and match them to the animal that made them? Use
what you know about each species to make the right fit.

What Can We Learn From Poop?
What can we learn from poop? You might be surprised. Scientists at Lincoln Park Zoo and research teams in the field collect fecal samples from wild animals to study everything from pregnancy status to stress levels.
Camera Trap Slideshow
Members of Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute recently installed camera traps at secret locations in wooded areas around Chicago. See a slideshow of wildlife they "captured."
Your Story—Zoo Interns
Former interns share how their zoo experience prepared them for a career in field conservation.

Bonus Content

Learn more about life in the field—including stories and slideshows—with our Conservation & Science project pages.


Gombe Field Research

Zoo scientists take advantage of the resources that have been established by the Jane Goodall Institute to study chimpanzee health, chimpanzee play and the mother-infant relationship in the species.
Click here to view project


Serengeti Health Initiative

The Serengeti Health Initiative, led by Lincoln Park Zoo, aims to preserve the region's rich wildlife while also benefiting local people.
Click here to view project


Goualougo Triangle Ape Project

In a remote region of the Republic of Congo, researchers are conducting groundbreaking research into how gorillas and chimpanzees live alongside one another in one of the most pristine landscapes on earth.
Click here to view project


Urban Wildlife Biodiversity Monitoring

To assess the biodiversity of the greater Chicagoland area, zoo scientists are establishing monitoring stations across a four-county area, including downtown Chicago and its suburbs.
Click here to view project


Protecting the Puerto Rican Parrot

Zoo population biologists are helping one of the most endangered birds in the world continue back from the brink of extinction.
Click here to view project


Black Rhino Conservation in Addo Elephant National Park

Lincoln Park Zoo scientists are assisting the recovery of endangered black rhinos in South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park.
Click here to view project