Spring 2014 Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine

The Spring 2014 Lincoln Park Zoo magazine explores the animal life cycle, from beginning to end.

Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine
Spring 2014

Exploring the Animal Life Cycle

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In This Issue of the Zoo Magazine

Bringing Up Babies
Zoo babies grow fast, but they still need special attention from mom...and caregivers.

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Bonus Content

Playtime for Baby Gorillas
Baby gorillas Patty and Nayembi are getting plenty of play in as they grow at Regenstein Center for
African Apes. Curator Maureen Leahy explains the importance of play for gorilla development.

Baby Rhino Meets New Milestones
Chewing sticks, stomping in mud wallows and sticking close to mom: baby rhino King is busy
behind the scenes at the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Exhibit! Curator of Mammals
Mark Kamhout gives us all the details in this video update.

Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day
To celebrate the holiday, our animal care experts offered the gorillas at Regenstein Center for
AfricanApes some special treats. Watch mom Bana and baby Patty enjoy gelatin hearts...
although Patty has to get her own!

Jumping Joey
Lincoln Park Zoo’s 7-month-old red kangaroo joey—the first of his marsupial species ever born at
the zoo—climbs out of mom’s pouch for a quick hop around his family’s outdoor yard at the
Antelope & Zebra Area

Trek to the Goualougo Triangle
Watch a video of the arduous journey taken by zoo researchers to reach the remote Congo forest
home of wild gorillas and chimpanzees.

Heart-y Treats for American Heart Month
The chimpanzees enjoyed some heart-shaped enrichment at Regenstein Center for African Apes,
both as a prelude to Valentine’s Day and a tribute to American Heart Month.

Researchers Crickette Sanz and Dave Morgan in the Goualougo Triangle

Goualougo Triangle Field Diaries
What's it like to study chimpanzees and gorillas in the Republic of Congo's remote Goualougo Triangle? Find out with these updates from the field!



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