Spring 2013 Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine

The Spring 2013 Lincoln Park Zoo magazine shares how an expanded conservation toolkit is helping scientists and caregivers work together to save species.

Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine
Spring 2013

The Conservation Toolkit
Working Together to Find New Ways to Save Species

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In This Issue of the Zoo Magazine

Window into the Wild
From African rainforests to Chicago's backyard, camera traps let scientists keep a constant watch on wildlife.

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Online Exclusives

Urban Wildlife Institute scientists share how far different animals venture into the city in this infographic produced for Lincoln Park Zoo magazine!

The Wildlife Next Door
Will you see a coyote in your backyard? How about a red fox? Urban Wildlife Institute scientists
share how far different animals venture into the city! (3.2 MB JPG)
See the Species' Chicago Ranges

This infographic shares how zoo scientists make models to save species like eastern massasauga rattlesnakes.

Making a Model
How do zoo scientists make models to save species? The infographic uses eastern massasauga
rattlesnakes to walk you through the process.
See All That Goes into Making a Model (6.9 MB JPG)

Zookeeper Jill Moyse analyzes an ape's blood type, part of a partnership that's helped great apes around the globe.

Type Casting
A tragedy at the zoo inspired two zoo caregivers to improve care around the globe by building
a database of great ape blood types.
Get the A, B, O on Ape Blood Types

Camera traps installed by the zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute let scientists track animal activity in the Chicago region around the clock.

Animal Activity Around the Clock
Wonder when Chicago-are animals are activity? Check out the patterns for everything from
deer to opposums in this infographic created with the help of the zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute!
See When Chicago Animals Are Out and Active (4.8 MB JPG)

Bonus Content

Camera Trap Slideshow
Members of Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute have installed camera traps in wooded areas around Chicago. See a slideshow of wildlife they "captured."
See Chicago Wildlife on Camera

Takin Pregnancy Test
Hormone analysis, research and scientific collaboration contributed to the successful births of two male takins.
Read How to Predict a Takin Pregnancy

Painted turtles are among the urban animals spotted and shared in the zoo's Nature Boardwalk blog.

Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo Blog
Follow along as native plants and animals are spotted in Lincoln Park Zoo's urban oasis.
See the Latest Urban Wildlife Update

Wild African lions are among the encounters shared in Lincoln Park Zoo's Conservation Field Diaries.

Conservation Field Diaries
Lincoln Park Zoo scientists offer conservation updates from wild spots across the globe.
Read the Latest Update from the Field



John, we have eastern black rhinoceroses and Chilean flamingos. You can learn more about each species at the linked fact sheet!

What species of rhino are at the Lincoln Park Zoo? What species of Flamingo are at the Lincoln Park Zoo? Thank you very much.

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