Spring 2012 Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine


Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine
Spring 2012

Learn in a Living Classroom
Education at the Zoo—and Around the World

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In This Issue of the Zoo Magazine

Teachable Moments
Whether it’s tigers at play or birds on the wing, each animal encounter can spur a living lesson. See how new education programs are letting students take the lead in learning.

Wild Trivia
This all-animal quiz will gauge how well you know your scales, stripes, spots and howls.

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Where Do They Live?

Grasslands, jungles and water—animals live all kinds of places! Show off what you know by
matching each animal with its home.
Play the matching game


Wild Trivia Bonus Round
Think you know Lincoln Park Zoo’s animals from stripe to scale? Test your
zoo IQ with this all-animal quiz!
Take the quiz

Bonus Content

New Arrivals
Wondering what's new at the zoo? Learn about our red panda breeding pair and check in with Hoffmann's two-toed sloth Siesta at 1!
View our new arrivals

Community of Conservation
In partnership with the National Museum of Niger Boubou Hama, Lincoln Park is bringing together students from Niamey, Niger and Chicago’s Francis W. Parker School to explore conservation, collaboration—and how different cultures can come together.
Learn more about the partnership

Conserving the Black-Footed Ferret
In a remote region of the Republic of Congo, researchers are conducting groundbreaking research into how gorillas and chimpanzees live alongside one another in one of the most pristine landscapes on earth.
Learn more about conserving black-footed ferrets

Nature Boardwalk Blog
Follow along as Coordinator of Wildlife Management Vicky Hunt shares the latest wildlife sightings in the zoo’s urban oasis.
See the latest updates from Nature Boardwalk