Fall 2011


Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine
Fall 2011

World-Class Care By the Numbers

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In This Issue
365 Days of Care
From food prep to play, see how every day is filled with exceptional care for the zoo’s amazing animals.

Free for All...at $63,000 a Day
Lincoln Park Zoo may be free to visit, but it isn’t free to run! Learn what goes into keeping the gates open to all, 365 days a year.

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Online Exclusives


Zoo Kitchen Game

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Nutrition Center uses the latest knowledge to deliver healthful diets to the zoo’s diverse animal appetites. See if you can match each menu item with the animal most likely to eat it.

Bonus Content

New Arrivals
Wondering what's new at the zoo? Meet our newborn Bolivian gray titi monkey and check in on a growing black-necked stilt!


Veterinary Services Case Studies
What’s ailing the black howler monkey or Madagascar hissing cockroaches? Make the diagnosis with our expert animal-care staff!


Designing Diets for Every Appetite
Lincoln Park Zoo’s Nutrition Center ensures that each of the zoo’s 224 species enjoys a healthful diet. See the “fruits” of their labor with a full grid of animal appetites.


Diet Snapshots
Taking care of the zoo’s animals involves designing diets to meet a variety of nutritional needs. See what’s on the menu for animals from meerkats to dwarf crocodiles.


Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE
There are an estimated 2,200 chimpanzees living in the United States today, more than double the number estimated in their home range country of Tanzania. Learn how Project ChimpCARE is committed to providing sustainable care for all chimpanzees.

Chimps Should Be Chimps—Coming December 1!
In this free, interactive iPad children’s book, Old Poe and granddaughter Lulu share how chimps should be free to be themselves, from chimp head to chimp toe! Look for this upcoming release in the App Store.


Nature Boardwalk Blog
Follow along as Coordinator of Wildlife Management Vicky Hunt shares the latest wildlife sightings in the zoo’s urban oasis.


On November 11, 2011, Lincoln Park Zoo will celebrate Veterans Day and the calendar itself! Join us for special discounts on parking and rides. Veterans can enjoy free tours and opportunities to feed the zoo’s giraffes.