Fall 2010


Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine
Fall 2010

A Community of Care
Exploring the Countless Contributions that Shape Lincoln Park Zoo

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In This Issue
The Vet, The Keepers, The Curator, the Endocrinologist and Mom
A big team checks up on one of the zoo's youngest arrivals: a Grevy's zebra colt.

Making a Move
Lincoln Park Zoo's Project ChimpCARE's busy summer culminated in 14 chimpanzees leaving the entertainment industry for sustainable homes in zoos.

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Protecting People, Pets and Predators
It's vaccination season in the Serengeti, with benefits for the entire African ecosystem.

Leaving a Legacy
Heritage Society members enjoy an inside look at the zoo they've planned to preserve.

Online Exclusive


Tracking Painted Turtles
Zoo scientists follow the pond’s newest arrivals as they make their home at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo.
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Bonus Content

You’ve met Grevy’s zebra colt Enzi’s community of care in the pages of the magazine. Now see one of his first romps with “Black and White and Cute All Over.”

You’ve met the red wolf pups at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo in this issue’s Field Note. See how their siblings were reintroduced to the wild with our “Red Wolf Reintroduction Slideshow” and “A Check-Up Before the Trip Down South.”

See how “New Gorilla” Bana was integrated into her social group with “First Impressions.”

Zoo scientists are “Sheltering Snakes” toward an eventual introduction in the Lake Country Forest Preserve District. See a slideshow of the newly hatched smooth green snakes being placed in their new homes.

“Painting the Pond” highlights the introduction of painted turtles to Nature Boardwalk. Relive introduction day, see how the new arrivals have adapted to their home and continue to follow the changing ecosystem with our Nature Boardwalk blog

“Protecting People, Pets and Predators” is the prime motivator for the Serengeti Health Initiative. View a project slideshow to see how our efforts are “Safeguarding an Ecosystem” and then follow “Vaccination Day” in photos. Afterward, see what’s new with our Serengeti Field Diaries or learn more at the Serengeti Health Initiative website.

As part of our efforts to “Enrich the Lives of Zoo Animals,” silverback JoJo celebrated his milestone 30th “Birthday Bash” with a paper mache cake and other goodies.

In this issue, zoo volunteers shared how they contribute to Lincoln Park Zoo’s community of care. Share your contributions with our Your Stories interactive!

By “Making a Move,” Lincoln Park Zoo's Project ChimpCARE helped 14 chimpanzees from the entertainment industry find sustainable homes in zoos. Learn more about zoo scientists are helping our closest living relatives with the Project ChimpCARE website.

Learn how each of our vets is a “Crucial Member of the Community” with our Veterinary Services website, featuring case studies, diet snapshots and close-ups on care.

Denis Harrington has “Stocked the Waters” of conservation, education and care with 31 years of membership at Lincoln Park Zoo. See how his dedication has been matched by the Ungar and Younquist families. Then start your own tradition of support by becoming a member today!