Fall 2008

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Fall 2008

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The Golden Years
Better veterinary care has enabled zoo animals to live longer than ever before. Learn more about the special steps Lincoln Park Zoo takes to enrich the lives of its most-esteemed inhabitants.

Handle With Care!
Whether the trip is across zoo grounds or across the continent, keepers and curators carefully plan every animal move. Find out the tricks of the trade, from rhino-capable crates to snake-sized shipping.

Chimpanzee Keo celebrates his 50th birthday with an ice cake

The Golden Years
Geriatric animals thrive within Lincoln Park Zoo’s culture of care


Conserving the Congo
Getting to the Goualougo Triangle, the isolated field-research site of Lincoln Park Zoo Research Fellow David Morgan, Ph.D., involves the kind of journey that would be at home in an old adventure serial.

Field Ready
In Africa, there’s no shortage of plans to conserve the continent’s wildlife. Park managers, field researchers and government committees are all adept at developing ideas to save African wild dogs or encourage the growth of the black rhinoceros population.