Gorilla Goodbyes...and Hellos

Silverback JoJo will be moving across town to Brookfield Zoo, where he’ll be introduced to new potential mates.

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This summer, Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to welcome the first all-male gorilla bachelor group at Regenstein Center for African Apes. As we get ready for the bachelors—Azizi, Amare, Mosi and Umande—we’ll also be saying farewell to some familiar faces as Tabibu, Makari and silverback JoJo move to new homes.


Female Makari will be moving to Kansas City Zoo.


Female Tabibu will be heading to Columbus Zoo

Meet the Bachelors
Amare, Azizi, Mosi and Umande—meet the gorillas who will form Lincoln Park Zoo's first bachelor group!

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We’ll be hosting a farewell event for the departing gorillas on April 10. In the meantime, leave a message for them here—or a note welcoming the new arrivals!

Published March 22, 2012


Hi Guys! Welcome <3 Can't wait to see you!

To those leaving,
You will be greatly missed and always loved!

<3 Cole

I hope Mosi enjoys his new home in Chicago. I have grown up with him in Little Rock and I will miss him. I will come visit when I get to come to Chicago!

We will miss you JoJo but will try to visit you at Brookfield. We feel lucky to have visited you these past years. You are loved by LPZoo and its members. Goodbye and love to Makari and Tabibu too.
Take Care and Be Good

Jojo I will miss you with all my heart I was going to your party but couldn't I wish I could see you agin for the last time . I have been in Brooklyn zoo .so now I'll go there to see you .Always remember I love . Aaa good times I will always remember that you were in lincoin park zoo when I was born. I miss you nd will always love you

JoJo sad to see you go. It was always convenient for me seeing you at Lincoln Park Zoo since I live just across the street from the zoo. I will pay you a visit at Brookfield Zoo it's worth the drive to see you though. You were by far my favorite animal at the Ape House. I know Kwan is the other silverback still there, but in my eyes he can't hold a stick to you, you blow him totally out the water, you are so much bigger, more impressive, more powerful, & more majestic-looking than him, you look like the way a silverback should look when someone envisions a silverback. You were the King of the RCAA and it was so cool of them to throw you a nice going away bash. Hope they treat you great at Brookfield Zoo and you do great with your new gals over there, I know you'll be just as big a hit with all the visitors there too. Best of luck and hope to see you soon friend!

I know JoJo, Makari, and Tabibu are no longer on display because they're moving each to a particular zoo, but I heard that they're not going to be moving just yet, so I was wandering why they would have to be off public display weeks before they are going to be moved. I am sure you guys have to get them prepped and ready all-around before the move, but It seems like they could've kept them on display for the public to visit and enjoy them a bit longer, just wanted to know?

Hi Ronda,
Just as all animals are different, all animal moves are unique and specially-tailored to the individual involved. In general, you can estimate it will be around eight weeks from the time an animal goes off exhibit until he or she is all settled in a new home.

During that stretch, animal care staff from the current and new homes give the animals special care and training to get them ready for the transition, veterinarians do checkups to make sure they are perfectly healthy and the animals become acquainted with new keepers and roommates. This is an exciting and busy stage for our animal care staff, and we can’t wait to introduce everyone to our new bachelors in the coming months.

Jojo, I have come to the gorilla house since I was an infant.

I will miss you!

JoJo come back! You can blame it all on me! I was wrong and I just can't live without you! JoJo come back! Any kinda fool would see I was wrong & I just can't live without you! AH AH AHHHHH JoJo come back! I just can't live without ya! JoJo come back!

JoJo got a chance to drop in this morning with the family and saw your going away party. Definitely will miss seeing you at Lincoln Park, but you're only moving down the street, we'll certainly be stopping to see you there at Brookfield Zoo. Of all the big silverback gorillas I've seen over the years at Lincoln Park, you and the late Koundu were my favorites, not to mention the 2 most physically awesome and impressive males there, although Koundu was larger and more impressive than you, but you were number 2 in that department after him. Anyway, hope they treat you great at Brookfield and you sire some nice offspring there with your new ladies. Good luck Jo hope you do great at Brookfield you deserve it buddy, can't wait to see you my friend!

I will trully miss seeing JoJo at the Lincoln Park Zoo. He is by far my favorite animal at the zoo. I would spend hours just watching him and the other apes, he is trully amazing!

Are the same JoJo that was at the Louisville zoo years ago? If so, you were my daughter's favorite gorilla and would love to see you before you move again.

JoJo did live at Lousiville Zoo from 2002-2004 as we were building the new Regenstein Center for African Apes.

JoJo, Tabibu and Mack!! We will miss you so! Jojo, you hold such a special place in our family's heart as you were named after our grandparents/great grandparents! We look forward to see you in your new home and meet your new friends. Tabibu and Mack , Best of luck to you .... We will plan a trip to see all of you this summer!! much much MUCH love !!!

Goodbye, Jojo! You will be missed, and we will always remember seeing you during every visit to the zoo! Best of luck in your new home!

Dear Tabibu, I first met you when the doctors brought you to Children's Memorial Hospital when you were very little. I was lucky enough to get to hold your hand and I've never forgotten how special that was. Since then whenever I've brought my children to the zoo we've made a point to look for you to say hi. Meeting you and watching you at the zoo has been an amazing life experience.Not everybody gets to hold a gorilla's hand. You will be missed but always in our hearts. The Bordens

JoJo I will miss seeing you but will stop by and visit you at Brookfield Zoo. You were my 2nd all-time favorite gorilla there after the mammoth/gigantic Sinbad, who I knew since the early 70's when I was a teenager until his passing in the mid-80's. Hope you'll be happy at Brookfield, they're very lucky to be getting you there and looking forward to seeing you start a new family there.

JoJo was stressed when moved this year...why are they moving him away? I love him-good luck!

Cindy, these moves are all recommended by the Gorilla Species Survival Plan, which works with zoos throughout the country to ensure the long-term health of this endangered population. With every change, the welfare of the animals involved is a top priority.

JoJo is a great silverback, visited him much with the grandchildren, he will be missed.
good luck at brookfield and we will be seeing you there.

jojo best gorilla ever.Always see him when i go to the zoo.good luck at the brookfield zoo

I agree JoJo is one of the best all-around gorillas I've ever seen, I always make sure to stop by and see him when we take our kids there. Got loads of nice pics of him from his time at Lincoln Park, and will certainly stop by and visit him at Brookfield Zoo, hope he does great there, he is awesome!

Tabibu I can't wait to meet you in Columbus : )

See you later JoJo! We will miss you, but we'll come see you at the Brookfield Zoo.

The docents at Brookfield Zoo are excitedly waiting your arrival! !

Treat him well! He deserves it!

We will miss you JoJo!

Jo, I guess this means I'll have to visit Brookfield Zoo so I can check up on you. I know the new keepers who will be taking care of each of you will be as loving and caring as our staff at RCAA. You will all be in good hands, but I will still miss the three of you with all my heart.

Tabibu you are the sweetest most interesting ape I've ever met. I hope your new group is peaceful and loving, you deserve the best. Mack, you are an all encompassing strong female. You're son is a testament to your skills as a mother and as a troop member. I'll miss you both very much.

Oh Jo, even though you'll be right down the block I'll miss you too. You've raised two fabulous offspring and taught everyone around you what life is really about. You alone have inspired so many and I'm glad to be one of them. I hope your legacy as an amazing ape continues and I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures.

Farewell Jojo! You were always one of my favorite silverbacks, and you can be sure I'll come visit you at Brookfield!
~Carrie Ellis

JoJo, you are such an amazing gorilla. I'll miss visiting you in Lincoln Park. I used to spend special time with him as a volunteer at the zoo. I even cleaned his habitat -- a big project!

We want to take this opportunity to let you three know you brought us laughter and joy throughout the years you were here in Chicago at Lincoln Park Zoo. My husband & I always stopped to see your exhibit first. We will be sorry to see you leave and pray you do well in your new homes.


Best Luck to all of you on your new surroundings!

JoJo - I will miss you a lot. I hope you love The Suburbs. I have attached some photos from your 30th birthday party for you to take with you to show your new friends how much you were loved by us at Lincoln Park Zoo
With love from C and S volunteer, Nancy McDaniel

Great photos--thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing;

Tabibu - I helped you when you were a baby and so ill. I wish you well in your new home.
Dr Bonnie

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