Small Stripes

The zebra colt nestles with mom behind the scenes at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Antelope & Zebra Area.

The zebra colt nestles with mom behind the scenes at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Antelope & Zebra Area.

Lincoln Park Zoo Welcomes a Baby Zebra

Get ready for some more stripes! Lincoln Park Zoo’s Antelope & Zebra Area picked up a new set of parallel lines with the birth of a Grevy’s zebra colt on August 23.

The new arrival was the second offspring for 5-year-old mom Adia and 6-year-old dad Clayton. The tiny trotter had been a long time coming, as the gestation period for the African species lasts more than a year. The ample development time leaves calves ready to move: they can stand within minutes of birth and run short distances within an hour, a useful adaptation for keeping up with their mothers on the plains.

Initially, mom and baby rested behind the scenes, separate from the rest of their herd, which includes dad, 2-year-old brother Enzi and female Delrie. “This gives them both a chance to bond before meeting the rest of the group—and the public,” says General Curator Dave Bernier. “Adia was a wonderful mother to Enzi, and she’s being just as attentive, playful and protective here.”

Both Enzi and the new baby came about due to breeding recommendations from the Grevy's Zebra Species Survival Plan®, a shared conservation effort by zoos throughout the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The arrivals are a welcome boost for a vulnerable population. The species is endangered in its wild range of eastern Africa due to hunting and habitat loss.

Grevy’s zebras are the largest zebra species, with adults weighing up to 900 pounds. Adults showcase the species’ trademark black-and-white markings, but newborns have distinctive brown stripes that darken as they age.

Guests can now see those stripes themselves, as the frisky Kito and Adia are living on exhibit at the east end of the Antelope & Zebra Area. The baby zebra, whose name means "jewel" in Swahili, received his moniker thanks to a week-long poll on the zoo's website.


by James Seidler • Published August 24, 2012

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