Meet the Bachelors

Lincoln Park Zoo's Upcoming Gorilla Group

This summer, Regenstein Center for African Apes will welcome a bachelor group of western lowland gorillas. Common in the wild and zoos, this all-male arrangement will provide a home for growing males—and feature plenty of lively behavior!

Who’s in the Group?

Juvenile gorilla Azizi   Juvenile gorilla Amare

Born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 2003, he’s the son of JoJo and the great-grandson of beloved silverback Otto. His name means “precious one” in Swahili. Azizi takes part in voluntary cognition studies at the zoo, using a touch-screen computer to sequence objects.


Amare was born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 2005 to parents Kwan and Kowali. His name is Swahili for “handsome one,” although animal care staff say “mischievous one” may be a better descriptor. Amare is highly energetic and a bit of a prankster, often goading group mates into games of chase.

Juvenile gorilla Mosi   Juvenile gorilla Umande

Mosi was born at Little Rock Zoo in 2006—the first gorilla ever born at that zoo, making him something of a local celebrity. His mother was a first-time mom but took to motherhood very well. Mosi is still in a troop with his parents and has no siblings yet, so the “bachelor” lifestyle will bring new opportunities to interact with gorillas his own age.


Umande was born in 2006 at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is very energetic and enjoys interacting with other individuals in his group and playing with enrichment items. Hand-reared by zoo staff when his mother didn’t care for him after birth, Umande moved to the Columbus Zoo at 7 months of age to be introduced to surrogate gorilla mother Lulu.

Published March 22, 2012

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