Braving the Blizzard

Recognizing Special Service

At an all-staff meeting yesterday, Lincoln Park Zoo President and CEO Kevin J. Bell recognized the employees who braved the elements in the aftermath of February’s blizzard. While the zoo was closed for the first time in more than a decade, the following people surmounted ice and snow to ensure excellent care for the zoo’s animals.

Thanks to all of them for their commitment!

Elizabeth Andersen
Allycia Atkins
Amy Berlinsky
Dan Boehm 
Michael Brown-Palsgrove
Matt Campbell
Tangara Cross
Bridget Czarnik
Kristi Delaski
Michelle Deutsch
Arthur Diaz
Kristin Dvorak
Mason Fidino
Erin Hennessey
Brian Holzwart
Brian Houck
Brad Krzyzanowski
Scott Kubisch
Cassy Kutilek
Shannon Layne
Maureen Leahy
Colleen Lynch
Amy Martens
Dan Mondl
Jill Moyse
Anthony Nielsen
Larry O’Connor
Sandra Palencia
Jennifer Palumbo
Julie Platt
Becky Schaefer
Mike Skidmore
Luke Stevens
Cindy Swisher
Annette Van Der Griend
Anita Yantz
Kurt Zitzner