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The Spring 2014 Lincoln Park Zoo magazine explores the animal life cycle, from beginning to end.  


Exploring the Animal Life Cycle

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Bringing Up Babies
Zoo babies grow fast, but they still need special attention from mom...and caregivers.

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The Winter 2013 Lincoln Park Zoo magazine is dedicated to answering your Zoo FAQs.     The Spring 2013 Lincoln Park Zoo magazine shares how an expanded conservation toolkit is helping scientists and caregivers work together to save species.   The winter 2012 issue of Lincoln Park Zoo magazine shares how past meets present at Chicago's free zoo.   The Summer 2012 Lincoln Park Zoo magazine shares zoo families of all shapes and sizes, including the new gorilla bachelor group.

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Baby rhino King and mom Kapuki duck their heads into a makeshift “mud wallow” behind the scenes at Regenstein African Journey.   Guest Relations Volunteers at Lincoln Park Zoo

What’s New with Baby Rhino King?
Over six months, King has gone from 60 pounds at birth to 600 pounds today! Curator of Mammals Mark Kamhout shares the latest update on the growing rhino.


Welcoming Committee
Guest Relations Volunteers introduce millions of guests every year to all the zoo has to offer. Learn more about these public service multitaskers.

The biggest factor in Lincoln Park Zoo remaining free and open 365 days a year is your support!   Schoolyard Species Learn how the zoo’s Hurvis Center for Learning Innovation and Collaboration links Chicago high school students with research led by the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute.

How Does the Zoo Stay Free?
Ever wondered how Lincoln Park Zoo stays free? Your support is the biggest factor, but we share all the details in our special Zoo FAQ feature.


How Are the Animals Paired Up?
Gorillas prefer social groups, Amur tigers enjoy the solitary life, but every pairing is carefully planned by experts.

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Baby gorillas Patty and Nayembi do a lot of learning via play, Curator of Primates Maureen Leahy explains   Chewing sticks, stomping in mud wallows and sticking close to mom: baby rhino King is busy behind the scenes!

Playtime for Baby Gorillas
Baby gorillas Patty and Nayembi are getting plenty of play in as they grow at Regenstein Center for African Apes.


Baby Rhino Meets New Milestones
Chewing sticks, stomping in mud wallows and sticking close to mom: baby rhino King is busy behind the scenes!

Lincoln Park Zoo researchers trek through a swampy river deep in a Congo forest en route to observe wild chimpanzees and gorillas   Baby gorilla Patty enjoys a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day

Trek to the Goualougo Triangle
Watch a video of the arduous journey taken by zoo researchers to reach the remote Congo forest home of wild gorillas and chimpanzees.


Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day
Watch gorillas Bana and baby Patty enjoy gelatin hearts...although Patty has to get her own!

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Gorilla Azizi sequences items on a touch-screen.   Gorilla Azizi sequences items on a touch-screen.

Veterinary Case Study: Fennec Fox
This fennec fox had developed several small scabs on its paws. Keepers reported that it was observed itching on exhibit. What were the veterinarians’ next steps?

  Can You Sequence Better Than a Gorilla?
Watch how bachelor gorilla Azizi reached the next level in the zoo's touch-screen research--and then try his task yourself!
Nature Boardwalk Through the Seasons
Follow the seasons at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo with time-lapse photos capturing the growth of this urban ecosystem.
  Where do They Live?
Grasslands, jungles and water—animals live all kinds of places! Show off what you know by matching each animal with its home.