Zoo Safari Tours

Zoo Safari Tours

Bolivian gray titi monkeys will be among the species shared in our special All About Primates Zoo Safari Tour.

Free Lincoln Park Zoo tours for Safari-Level Members and Above

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Carnivores of Africa

From social to solitary, nocturnal or not, Africa is home to all kinds of predators. If you’ve ever wanted to meet some of these meat-eating mammals, tag along on this tour! We’ll explore why lions don’t live alone and clear up some myths about hyenas, all while encountering carnivores both big and small.

Choose Your Own Safari

Get ready to put on your safari hats and take your family on a unique zoo adventure! This tour, modeled after the popular book series “Choose Your Own Adventure,” gives you the chance to decide where you’ll go and what you’ll see as you travel through an imaginary park in the African wilderness.

Conservation Success Stories

Wonder what the zoo is doing beyond the gates? Lincoln Park Zoo is home to one of the largest zoo-based conservation programs in the country! Join us for a front-of-scenes tour across zoo grounds to learn about the ways the zoo is saving species across the globe, including right here in our own backyard.

A Walk through Time

For nearly 150 years, Lincoln Park Zoo has been a vibrant fixture in the city of Chicago. From the days of bowler hat-wearing zookeepers to apes using touch screen computers, we’ll journey through time to explore Lincoln Park Zoo’s rich history: showcasing how one Chicago park that was given a pair of swans transformed into a global leader in conservation and animal care.

Saving Species: Primates

Get the inside story on how Lincoln Park Zoo is paving the way for primate conservation. During this discussion based tour, you’ll discover what distinguishes primates from other animals, what struggles certain primates face in the wild, and what Lincoln Park Zoo is doing to help save these simians.

Step into Africa: Regenstein African Journey House Tour

Join us on a journey that will take you through the wetlands, into the forest, and out onto the savannahs of Africa. During this front-of-house tour, you’ll be guided through the exhibits of the Zoo’s award-winning Regenstein African Journey building, where you’ll learn about the current residents and their homes both at the zoo and in the wild.

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