Polar Bear Farewell Party

Polar Bear Farewell Party

August 23, 2014

Say goodbye to polar bear Anana with a special farewell party on Saturday, August 23

Bon Voyage, Anana!

At a recent farewell party for Anana, Lincoln Park Zoo’s female polar bear, guests celebrated this beloved member of the zoo family. As the zoo gets ready to build a new, state-of-the-art Polar Bear Habitat, Anana will soon be moving to a new home in another accredited zoo.

Anana’s many fans, who’ve enjoyed her dives, prowls and aquatic play, flocked to Polar Bear Plaza to sign a farewell banner, see Anana enjoy icy enrichment and learn about the species through polar bear chats. Special polar bear-themed souvenirs were also handed out to well-wishers.

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Couldn’t make it to the party but still want to wish Anana a fond farewell? Write a message in the comments section at the bottom of this page!

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Anana sniffs at some icy enrichment at a Members-Only Farewell Party Preview.

Post from the President—Parties and Planning 
Will Anana return after the new Polar Bear Habitat is complete? President and CEO Kevin Bell explains the intricacies of population planning, sharing how zoos across North American work together to save species.

The expanded habitat will provide space for two polar bears and possible cubs.

Post from the President—Penguin (and Polar) Plans  
The north side of the zoo will get a brand-new look in 2016 as Lincoln Park Zoo unveils immersive new homes for polar bears and penguins. President and CEO Kevin Bell shares the details.

Anana Slideshow
Lincoln Park Zoo's polar bear moved to the zoo in 2001 and has thrilled visitors ever since. See Anana diving in her pool and playing with enrichment in this special slideshow.

Female polar bear Anana at Lincoln Park Zoo

Field Note: Polar Bear
Learn some cool facts about this arctic carnivore’s breeding behavior and social interactions in the wild.

Learn more about one of Lincoln Park Zoo’s top predators with this closer look at polar bear Anana.

All About Anana
Learn more about one of Lincoln Park Zoo’s top predators with this closer look at polar bear Anana.



You guys at Lincolin PArk Zoo are doing a great Job, keep it up. I Love Polar Bears

Aw, sad! I love to run through LP Zoo in the mornings before work (how many others can say they saw a tiger before 8 a.m.?) and Anana is one of my favorites! It's been amazing to catch her during her mornings swims and get a few high fives against the glass.

It's fun to hear all the great Anana memories! We'll miss her too, but we're also excited for what's next for the zoo.

I like the relationship Lincoln Park Zoo has with the North Carolina Zoo. I remember going to see Kwan (we knew him as Kwanza) when he was born in NC and then seeing him at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I will be just as excited to see Anana during our trip back to NC this year. I know she will have a great welcoming!

She's going to enjoy great care at North Carolina Zoo! Be sure to say "hi" for us when you visit.

We will miss Ana.

We'll miss her too, but we're also excited for the new habitats ahead.

My grandsons, Spencer and Troy, will miss you Anana... you made them smile. Spencer sleeps with polar bear stuffed animal...
Hurry home!

Thanks for the note--very cute!

GOODBY andf GODBLESS, Anana you and your brother, from long ago, WERE AWSOME ,BEAUTIFUL, and GREAT MEMORIES/ ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME and BE WELL/ will other new Polar Bear[s] becoming to the new habitat,when it is finished? WHEN WILL THE AMUR TIGERS and LIONS GET AN EXPANDED PIT ENCLOSURE, TO SEE THEM BETTER, PLEASEEEEEEEEEE? I am happy for Anana ,but will miss her

Thanks for your note, and your questions! Which polar bears make their home at the new Polar Bear Habitat will be determined by the experts at the Polar Bear Species Survival Plan® when the exhibit is complete. As for the Amur tiger and African lions, there aren't any plans to change their exhibits now, but we're always evaluating what we can do to make Lincoln Park Zoo better!

I will miss Anana so much. Thanks for inviting me to the party. My grandsons always go see the polar bear, sorry they will not be in town.

We hope you can join us for the fun! We're sorry your grandsons won't be able to join us, but they'll be able to see the new Polar Bear Habitat when it's complete.

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