Polar Bear Awareness Week

Polar Bear Awareness Week

February 25–March 3, 2013

During Polar Bear Awareness Week, zoo educators will offer special talks to highlight the plight of polar bears.

To help spread the word about polar bears' status in the wild, zoo educators held special talks during Polar Bear Awareness week. Guests learned about the unique adaptations of polar bears, what’s happening in the wild and why habitat changes are affecting their survival. As an extra bonus, the first 10 guests for each chat received free passes to see To The Arctic 3D at Navy Pier IMAX!

Lincoln Park Zoo is an Arctic Ambassador Center in partnership with renowned conservation organization Polar Bears International.

Watch the Zoo’s Polar Bear

Anana Explores the Snow
Female polar bear Anana enjoys enrichment items throughout her outdoor habitat. These include balls, barrels, fish fillets and—hidden inside blocks of ice—fruit juice and ”omnivore dust.” Anana tips the scales at more than 700 pounds, but is an agile swimmer and loves playing with toys in her pool. She eats fish and a special chow for bears, but also loves peanut butter. Anana tends to stay indoors a lot during the winter. She does enjoy coming outside to roll around in fresh fallen snow, though.