Twilight Safari

Twilight Safari

Wednesday, September 24

Participants in Lincoln Park Zoo's Twilight Safari after-hours tour view an Amur leopard during its most active time of day

Interested in exploring the zoo after-hours? Join a zoo horticulturist and an animal expert on a leisurely stroll through the zoo at twilight. Your guides will point out the interesting behavior of animals like the puma and Pallas' cats at this unique time of day as well as seasonal highlights in the zoo gardens. Don’t forget to bring your camera along on this exclusive evening walk on the wild side.

This is a rain or shine program. Please dress for the weather.

6–7:30 p.m.
$13 ($10 for Lincoln Park Zoo members)
For participants ages 16 and older

Each monthly walk will focus on a different outdoor area of the zoo. Dates, areas and meeting locations are listed below. Exhibits and routes are subject to change (for example, some animals may not have outdoor access at a particular time). Please refer to the Lincoln Park Zoo Visitor Guide map for location details.

September 24
Main Mall, Kovler Lion House, Kovler Sea Lion Pool

Meet at East Gate

Register for the September 24 Twilight Safari Program

For more information, contact Becky Lyons at or 312-742-2067.