Family Polar Party

Family Polar Party

Sunday, December 28

Explore the world of hibernating bears, blubbery harbor seals, Japanese macaques and American beavers, and learn how these animals survive in frigid habitats. We’ll “prep for winter” by trying out ways to keep warm with extra fur, feathers and fat, building our own weather-resistant beaver dams—next to actual beavers paddling about, no less!—and “saving up” lots of food for the cold winter months ahead. Get to know more about how animals from pole to pole—and even in your own backyard—not only survive but also thrive in cool climates!

3:30–5 p.m.
Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo
$10 ($8 for Lincoln Park Zoo members)
For families with children of all ages

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For more information, please email or call 312-742-2056.