Conservation Camp kids at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo

Fun Day Camps for Chicago Kids

Lincoln Park Zoo camps let pre-k kids to eighth graders enjoy hands-on learning in Chicago's living classroom.

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Veterans Day Zoo Camp (preK–fourth graders)
Discover incredible animal athletes like red kangaroos and leaf-cutter ants during this one-day camp adventure on the Veterans Day holiday.

Winter Break Camp at Lincoln Park Zoo

Winter Break Camp (preK–fourth graders)
Winter Break Camp offers exciting exploration opportunities for young animal and nature lovers. From agile river otters to slow-moving sloths, come explore the wild world of animal locomotion! Sign up for one, two, three or four days.

Spring Break Camp at Lincoln Park Zoo

Spring Break Camp (preK–fourth graders)
Join us on a one-week spring break safari to Africa! We’ll explore the ins and outs of habitats across Africa and get to know more about the critters that call these environs home.

Conservation Camp at Lincoln Park Zoo

Summer Conservation Camp (preK–fourth graders)
Conservation Campers celebrate animal diversity by exploring the zoo, meeting program animals and enjoying wild activities in this immersive one-week experience for 4-year-olds–fourth graders.

Zoo Crew at Lincoln Park Zoo

Summer Zoo Crew (fifth–eighth graders)
Zoo Crew participants work with fifth–eighth grade peers on making a difference in their communities—and the larger world of wildlife—in this two-week camp program.

Columbus Day Zoo Camp (preK–fourth graders)
Pied tamarins and naked mole rats are among the “animal underdogs” kids will learn to root for on this one-day Columbus Day holiday camp.