Animal Enrichment Workshop

Animal Enrichment Workshop

Saturdays, February 13, March 19, April 9 and May 7, and Sunday, May 8, 2016

Join us to build creative items to enrich the lives of zoo animals! All ages are welcome to stop by and create edible piñatas, willow balls or other crafty items for animals across the zoo. Then head out to the zoo to see animals enjoy some enrichment.

The program runs open house-style, so registered participants can drop by anytime between 1:30–3:30pm to make enrichment. Each Animal Enrichment Workshop is tied to a specific holiday theme, so you’ll also be providing the zoo’s animals with party favors for holiday celebrations of their own!

1:30–3:30 p.m.

$5 per person ($4 for Lincoln Park Zoo members)
$18 Family Pack admits 4–6 people ($15 Family Pack for Lincoln Park Zoo members)
For the general public (registration fees required for participants ages 3 and older)
Tadpole Room, Park Place Café lower level

Register for the February 13 Valentine’s Day Animal Enrichment Workshop

Register for the March 19 St. Patrick’s Day Animal Enrichment Workshop

Register for the April 9 Earth Day Animal Enrichment Workshop

Register for the May 7 Cinco de Mayo Piñata Party Animal Enrichment Workshop

Register for the May 8 Cinco de Mayo Piñata Party Animal Enrichment Workshop

What is Enrichment?

Think of enrichment as anything that adds some pizazz to an animal’s daily routine. Keepers at the zoo are constantly monitoring animal behavior in order to ensure that animals at the zoo are well cared for and healthy. This includes training sessions where animals participate in their own care and species-appropriate enrichment items that are both physically and mentally stimulating. Enrichment encourages natural behaviors in different animals: a chimpanzee uses tools to “go fishing” in a termite mound while a big cat is drawn to a new scent keepers put in its exhibit. Various types of enrichment stimulate the senses, activate the mind, work the muscles, engage animals socially and can look very different from species to species.

Keepers, veterinary staff and educators collaborate to provide these types of experiences to animals and engage the public in better understanding animal welfare. Vets and keepers use their knowledge of animal behavior to choose safe materials and design appropriate enrichment, then hand it off to volunteers and educators that help to create and interpret enrichment. When you participate in an Animal Enrichment Workshop, you’re part of the team that is working to provide excellent animal care to animals at Lincoln Park Zoo!

For more information, please email or call 312-742-2056.


Animal Enrichment Workshop Slideshow
Want to see what one of our Animal Enrichment Workshops looks like? Check out these fun photos of a past workshop!