Veterinary Services

A scientific approach to veterinary services improves the daily care of exotic animal species—both in the zoo and in their native habitats. See how the zoo’s veterinary staff spends their day, learn more about their research and find answers to common questions about becoming a veterinarian.

Staff Bios   Collaborations in Care
Zoo veterinary research helped establish a baseline for Pallas' cat thyroid hormone levels.  
Clinical Research   Case Studies

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Animal care staff take an EKG reading on chimpanzee Kibali.

Post from the President—Heart to Heart
President and CEO Kevin Bell shares how the zoo monitors the heart health of our chimpanzees with special internal electrocardiogram recorders.

Chilean flamingo medical exams at Lincoln Park Zoo

Photo Slideshow: In the Pink of Health
The zoo’s lead vet makes a house call to the Chilean flamingo flock’s dome for the birds’ annual medical checkups.

Expert Care For Every Age
In a way, zoo veterinarians are quite similar to small town doctors—both are highly integrated into a small, tight-knit community. Learn more about their unique work here.