Fisher Center Research Internships

Fisher Center Research Internships

Fisher Center internships let aspiring primatologists gain valuable experience in a rigorous scientific environment.

Training the Next Generation of Primatologists

The Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes offers opportunities for aspiring primatologists to gain valuable experience in a rigorous scientific environment and be part of a long-term, established program in ape-behavioral science. Encouraging and training the next generation of primatologists is a key aspect of the Fisher Center’s mission, and for the past decade we have provided professional-development opportunities to more than 200 young primatologists from around the world.

Though we have full-time, paid research-assistant positions, the most common entry position is unpaid and part time. These opportunities are available year-round and are best suited for students seeking to gain experience in a structured data-collection program or looking to expand on early experience by collecting data with gorillas, chimpanzees and Japanese macaques.

These internships offer the opportunity to collect behavioral data on established projects on ape behavior and exhibit use. In most cases, we require some knowledge of behavioral data-collection techniques, either through other internships, field schools, job experience or class work. In some cases the scoring of videotaped observations is part of the program.

The minimum requirements are two full-time weekdays per week with a minimum commitment of eight months. Many interns stay on longer than eight months. At any given time, we have between 7–12 unpaid interns working on these projects and usually take on 5–10 new interns each year.

If you over 18 years of age, interested in these internships and can fulfill all the requirements, send your resume and letter of interest to Fisher Center Director Steve Ross, Ph.D., at