Conservation & Science Staff Bios

Julia Kilgour, M.S.

  Adjunct Scientist
Urban Wildlife Institute


  • Ph.D. Student – Animal Behavior, University of Guelph
  • M.S. – Behavioral Ecology of Bats, University of Regina
  • B.S. – Zoology Specialist, University of Toronto

Areas of Expertise

  • Wildlife ecology
  • Animal behavior
  • Bat biology

About Julia Kilgour:

Julia began her studies of wildlife and animal behavior as an undergraduate when she traveled to the Canadian Arctic to research the population dynamics of lemmings. Soon afterward, she embarked on a semester-long study-abroad program focusing on wildlife biology and conservation in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. While conducting behavioral studies on wild three-spined sticklebacks around Toronto, Julia gained interest in behavioral ecology and wildlife-research methodologies.

Through studies on big brown bat behaviour during her master’s, Julia gained insight into the ecology of these flying mammals as well as their social behavior and life histories. This prompted her to explore topics in bats ranging from habitat choices and roosting ecology to personality and behavioral syndromes. Julia’s interest in urban-wildlife conflicts began while understanding the relationship between urban-dwelling bats and the neighborhoods in which they reside.

Julia is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Guelph, where she’s studying the evolution of social behaviour. As an adjunct researcher at the Urban Wildlife Institute, Julia is using passive acoustic detectors to understand urban bat diversity and how different species are able to adapt to the urban environment. She is also working with colleagues to understand the effect of relocation on movement patterns in woodchucks.