Conservation & Science Staff Bios

Joe Frumkin

  Research Intern
Urban Wildlife Institute


  • B.S. - Integrative Biology with a focus in Animal Conservation Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Areas of Expertise

  • Herpetology
  • Mammalogy
  • Wildlife Conservation

About Joe Frumkin

As a child, Joe wanted to be a dolphin trainer at the Shedd Aquarium. However, as he grew older he noticed the diversity of the wildlife species living in the Chicago region, and his fascination with wildlife expanded beyond the range of the species he observed at cultural institutions as a child. These small wildlife encounters in the city led to Joe’s future interest in wildlife ecology.

While pursuing his bachelor’s in integrative biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he became a member of the Wildlife Society. Through the society, he worked with wildlife biologists to tag wood ducks, mist-net songbirds and track wild pond turtles on campus. It was through these activities that Joe eventually focused on his own research studying the aggression behaviors in salamanders. He also became very interested in animal-conservation biology and wildlife management—specifically in the fields of herpetology and mammalogy.

After working with the Urban Wildlife Institute as a seasonal Nature Boardwalk intern in 2011, he returned to the department as a research intern. Joe now works on a multitude of the institute’s ongoing research projects. In the warmer months, look out for him at Nature Boardwalk, training the next batch of interns and monitoring the wildlife with which he grew up.