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Chimpanzee Care Manual
Statement from the Ape Taxon Advisory Group opposing the use of performing apes
Letter to the producers of "Deal or No Deal" from the Chimpanzee SSP, Ape TAG, AZA and Reid Park Zoo
AZA position statement on primates as pets
AZA position statement on apes in entertainment

Partner Sites

AZA The American Zoo and Aquarium Association, our governing body.
NAPSA The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance is a group of dedicated organizations providing lifetime homes for chimpanzees and other primates
Ape TAG The Taxon Advisory Group for apes in AZA zoos.
Chimp Haven A home for chimpanzees retired from biomedical research.
PASA The Pan-African Sanctuary Alliance: caring for the staggering number of chimpanzees orphaned in Africa as a result of the pet trade, the bushmeat crisis and other factors.
BCTF Bushmeat Crisis Task Force: a consortium of conservation organizations and scientists dedicated to the conservation of wildlife populations threatened by commercial hunting.

Educational Resources

Primate Info Net

Jane Goodall Institute

World Wildlife Fund

Center for Great Apes

AZA's policy statement on the use of apes in commerical entertainment.

BBC online Nature Wild Animals Wild Facts: Pan troglodytes

Discover Chimpanzees: Chimpanzee Behaviors

World of Chimpanzees: Pan troglodytes

Enchanted Learning: Pan troglodytes

Kendall Project, a grassroots effort website aimed at informing people about Apes in Entertainment and their efforts to integrate an former performer into their chimpanzee group at North Carolina Zoo.