273 Chimpanzees of the SSP
The current population of chimpanzees in accredited North American zoos stands at 273.

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Chimpanzee Longevity

Chimpanzees in the wild can live into their forties but chimpanzees in zoos often live much longer. One of the most-asked questions about SSP chimpanzees is about how long they live. Below we've listed the top five oldest chimpanzees by sex (data current to March 2014). Keep in mind that some chimpanzees, including those that were born in the wild, have estimated birthdates denoted by an asterisk.
Female Age   Male Age
Lil Mama (Lion Country Safari) 75*   Cobby (San Francisco Zoo) 55*
Susie (Sunset Zoo) 59*   Joey (Sacramento Zoo) 52*
Bon Bon (Dallas Zoo) 54   JoJo (Jackson Zoo) 51
Patsy (Busch Gardens) 51   Doyle (Dallas Zoo) 45*
Patty (Kansas City)  50*   Cooper (Lion Country Safari) 45*