Cold-weather Creatures, Warm-weather Campers

Hello from Fort Worth, Texas, where I’m attending the Association of Zoos and Aquariums annual Directors Meeting. We’re addressing topics such as our collective impact on species conservation and the sustainability of our animal collections.

I’ll be back in town to watch the Bears face the Packers on Sunday. Speaking of bears, you may not know that the ursine residents of Lincoln Park Zoo don’t hibernate, since food is abundant and they always have access to indoor areas in which to keep warm.

It’s supposed to get very cold in the next few days. If you’re planning on visiting the zoo, be sure to bundle up and see the snowy owls, white-lipped deer, red pandas and Sichuan takin, which are particularly suited for frigid weather. Or, escape the cold with a virtual trip to African (at Regenstein African Journey) or a stroll through the lush, warm Free Flight area within the McCormick Bird House.

While our toes may be frozen, we’re already looking forward to summer, specifically the Lincoln Park Zoo Conservation Camp. We just announced that we’re offering scholarships to 15 local kids. I’m already excited to see the hundreds of youngsters in matching camp T-shirts scampering through the zoo in the warm weather.

Until then, I’ll keep you posted.

Kevin Bell



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