Campers, Picnickers and a Daddy Stork

While Lincoln Park Zoo is always filled with jubilant children, the start of our Conservation Camp each summer is a special time. Kids wearing matching T-shirts flood into the zoo each morning, eager to engage their minds and plunge their hands into each  day’s activities. My boys are always excited to tell me about their adventures at Conservation Camp, just as I am to hear their stories.

Countless stories and many memories will be generated tonight during SuperZooPicnic, our annual, members-only party that is a highlight of the summer. While SuperZooPicnic is all about fun for the attendees, I appreciate that  this event enables us to thank our members in an active, family-friendly manner. Membership supports everything we do at Lincoln Park Zoo—we are endlessly grateful to those who commit to supporting us year after year. (If you're not attending, be sure to see photos we'll post here next week.)
In animal news, the European white stork chick hatched in May is developing at a rapid rate. While mom is very attentive to the little one, dad is also a doting parent. He shields his offspring from the sun and delivers meals beak-to-beak. If you plan to visit Lincoln Park Zoo on Father’s Day, be sure to stop by the Regenstein Birds of Prey Exhibit to see a feathered father in action.
As always, I’ll keep you posted.
Kevin Bell  


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