Bright Grounds, Student Scientists & Big Cats

While the creatures that hiss, howl and hoot are the wild centerpieces at Lincoln Park Zoo, the silent life forms—flowers, plants and trees—are a beautiful backdrop. And with spring just around the corner (honest), our gardening efforts are ramping up.

In May, teams of volunteer gardeners—which you can join—will begin prepping for the warm months. Our new Wish List features plants and flowers that will splash color around the zoo. And gardening programs, classes and tours begin in April. Learn more about all these green initiatives at
You may have seen recent news coverage of the study that revealed Chicago Public School students lag behind other cities’ students when it comes to science skills. It’s troubling news, but it highlights the need for our efforts to employ Lincoln Park Zoo as a living laboratory. Education programs such as our Zoo Tracks, Young Researchers Collaborative and the soon-to-be-launched Zoo Explorers are just a few ways we are helping engage and illuminate young Chicagoans’ minds. 
In animal news, our Eurasian lynx are thrilling guests with their unique physical features and playfulness. Yesterday morning, as one of the sisters prowled around her exhibit, the other was busy demolishing a cardboard box.
Like all new arrivals at the zoo, the lynx will continue to pique guests’ interests as they mature. As always, I’ll keep you posted.
Kevin Bell