Blooming Flowers and (Potentially) Breeding Rhinos

While I am always awed by the vast array of wildlife on my morning walk through Lincoln Park Zoo’s grounds, there’s something special about my summer strolls, when the plant life bursts with enough color and life to rival the grandeur in our animal collection.

So I’m anxiously awaiting Wine & Wildflowers on September 1, when I’ll join guests in celebrating the zoo’s horticulture at its peak while raising funds for the Garfield Park Conservatory, which was damaged in recent storms.
Many of our gardening volunteers will be at the event, interpreting plants and flowers and sharing their knowledge of the flora they’ve tended this season. Our volunteer gardeners do a wonderful job—during this event they’ll be able to showcase all of their hard work. I hope that you join us. You can learn more here
On the animal front, I am happy to announce that we’ve taken a big step toward breeding our eastern black rhinoceros. General Curator Dave Bernier explains, “We’re monitoring the female’s reproductive hormones with the help of the Davee Center for Epidemiology and Endocrinology and matching our behavioral observation with those results to ensure we’re selecting the best dates for introductions. Rhinos are solitary animals, so it's important to be sure both animals are in the right condition for introductions to give them the best chance to mate. We have introduced our older male  to our young female for two cycles. No breeding happened, but we are encouraged since the female is inexperienced but still responded appropriately to the male’s advances.”
I am thrilled by the prospect of rhino calves at Lincoln Park Zoo. As always, I’ll keep you posted.
Kevin Bell


Want to Congratulate the Staff @ LPZ

To Kevin Bell; I am a LONG time member of the Zoo and wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful staff you have there. My wife's Wisconsin relatives came for a visit in early August and one of them has two degrees in biology and caring for zoo animals. She works at a small zoo in Hayward, Wisc. They actually have a tiger -- that really surprised me.

On a whim, I called the Membership Department and talked to Joanne Jacobson regarding the possibility of having a behind the scenes tour. Joanne was very excited about the idea and within a couple of days called me back to explain what we could do. So on August 2nd she met us at the main gate and went with us over to the small mammal house for a behind the scenes with Dan.

What a fine representative for the zoo. Friendly and extremely knowledgeable!!!!!!!!!!! Dan took us upstairs to the armadillo nursery and Becca (I'm not sure about the name) gave us a great glimpse into "life as an armadillo". We visited every part of that building. It was GREAT.

Then Joanne took us over to the Lion House. We knew that for several reasons we couldn't get the same kind of behind the scenes tour so, Rick the supervisor came out and walked us around the outside of the building where we stopped at each habitat and gave us some background on each one. We finished inside doing the same thing. He is another great asset for your zoo.

Everyone we met that day was extremely friendly and very professional. We ate lunch at Cafe' at Wild Things. The food was great and of course so was the scenery.

We had a FABULOUS time and Anna, our zoologist, was ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!! She spent the rest of the afternoon at the zoo while we went on to The Field Museum. So I just want to thank you and all of your staff for making Lincoln Park Zoo such a unique and wonderful place to visit.

Yours Truly;

Bob Montgomery

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