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August 20, 2015
Swabbing for Stress

How do you know that Lincoln Park Zoo is making a difference for animal well-being? A positive sign is when one of your researchers earns an award from the Animal Welfare Institute.

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September 20, 2012
Soaping Up for a Clean Migration

If you visited the zoo lately, you may have noticed many of the animal exhibits have soaped windows. Don’t worry—it’s not some abandoned cleaning project. Instead, the streaks are part of a seasonal effort to help millions of birds passing through Chicago on fall migration.

September 10, 2012
Seal of Approval

I’m pleased to announce that yesterday the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Accreditation Commission renewed Lincoln Park Zoo’s accreditation status for another five years. We expected this seal of approval, but it’s always rewarding to see your institution meet the high standards of the group overseeing zoos throughout the United States.

August 31, 2012
Introducing Kito

Votes came in all week on what to name the new Grevy’s zebra colt at the zoo’s Antelope & Zebra Area. While Daktari, Hanisi and Akili all had their supporters, Kito, meaning “jewel,” won with more than half the ballots.

August 21, 2012
Two Bachelors and a Baby

It’s been a busy week for the primate population at Lincoln Park Zoo! On Saturday, we were happy to welcome a new Bolivian gray titi monkey baby at the Helen Brach Primate House.

August 15, 2012
New Chicks, New Hope

One of the smallest bird populations in the world has just increased thanks to a recent hatch at Lincoln Park Zoo. I’m happy to announce that three Bali mynah chicks are growing behind the scenes at the McCormick Bird House.

August 7, 2012
A Head Start for Ornate Box Turtles

Right now, behind the scenes at the Kovler Lion House, 18 hatchling ornate box turtles are experiencing their first days of life. It’s a welcome milestone for a species Lincoln Park Zoo is helping to restore to Illinois.

August 2, 2012
A Party in Pink

Before I recap last night’s excellent Wine & Wildflowers Garden Party, I have to confess something I learned just recently about zoo grounds. This summer we’re showcasing a pink color scheme.

July 26, 2012
A New Conservation Leader

Lincoln Park Zoo’s conservation and science projects have moved from nonexistent to world-class in a little more than 20 years. Looking for our next conservation leader, we wanted a researcher who could maintain that level of excellence while finding exciting new opportunities at the zoo and in the wild.

July 17, 2012
Weathering the Storm

I’m happy to report that last week’s Zoo Ball raised more than $1 million for Lincoln Park Zoo. For a while on Friday, though, it seemed the zoo’s top fundraiser was going to be a washout.

July 12, 2012
A Big Tent, Making a Big Difference

If you visited the zoo this week, you probably noticed the massive tent stretching over the Main Mall. I saw plenty of guests resting beneath it, enjoying a nice bit of shade. Tomorrow, though, it will be transformed, taking on a new elegance as it shelters Lincoln Park Zoo’s largest fundraiser.

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