Working Together for Wildlife

A great zoo isn’t possible without partnerships. At Lincoln Park Zoo, we work together to provide our animals with world-class care. We also work with partners around the globe to conserve wild ecosystems, increase knowledge and share the rich lives of animals.

Some of these partnerships extend all the way to Africa. There we work with the Jane Goodall Institute to study health, play and the mother-infant relationship in the famous chimpanzees of Gombe National Park. Experts from Princeton University, the University of Glasgow, the University of Minnesota and Tanzania National Parks also help us carry out vaccination campaigns that protect people, pets and predators in the Serengeti’s famous grasslands.

Closer to home, we work with Montana’s Northern Cheyenne Reservation to enlist a community to help bring endangered black-footed ferrets back from the brink. Local forest preserves and conservation agencies are integral to our efforts to restore eastern massasauga rattlesnakes and smooth green snakes to the region. We’re even working with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New York City to study ways of ethically managing free-roaming cat populations.

All this is prelude to announcing another exciting partnership. We’re collaborating with the University of Chicago Medical Center to bring together experts in human and animal health to explore shared topics. The first installment—Wild Nights: The Study of Sleep Across Species—will examine how sleep and health interact in humans and animals. On the human side, the program will focus on children and teens and the clinical and basic science of pediatric sleep disorders. It should be a fascinating exchange…one that may spark new projects down the road.

In closing, I’d like to highlight one more key partnership: the connection we share with every zoo visitor, donor and friend. Your support enables everything we do—including our work with others to advance the cause of conservation and care.

Kevin Bell


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