What’s Your Name?

Last week we asked for your help naming our baby klipspringer. Our caregivers offered a slate of five names—Asha, Amira, Bahiya, Nadra and Zuri—all Swahili, reflecting the dwarf antelope species’ African origins.

After 3,650 votes, we have a clear winner for the new arrival: Asha, which means “hope.” It’s a fitting name, as every new arrival inspires hope for the zoo’s visitors and for the future of wildlife.

baby klipspringer at Lincoln Park Zoo

Little Asha explores her cozy home behind the scenes at Regenstein African Journey.

Little Asha continues to thrive behind the scenes at Regenstein African Journey, where caregivers feed her around the clock to give her the nutrition she needs. (Our experts had to intervene to hand rear the baby after her mother didn’t offer proper care after birth).

Klipspringer naming poll results

Asha edged out Zuri, Amira, Nadra and Bahiya in our baby klipspringer naming poll.

The midnight feedings are having their desired impact, as she continues to gain weight—and show an increased appetite for play. Asha will stay be growing off-exhibit for the foreseeable future, but we’ll be sure to share when she’s grown enough to tackle the “cliffs” of Regenstein African Journey’s Dry Thorn Forest.

Another new arrival showcasing extra pounds and a new name is our tiny Sichuan takin, born April 23. The golden goat antelope has been named Kalsang, which translates to “good fortune” on the species’ native Chinese mountain slopes.

Sichuan takin mom Jinse and male calf Kalsang at Lincoln Park Zoo

Newborn male calf Kalsang prepares to nurse while receiving a bath from mom Jinse.

Kalsang has been an active addition to the takin herd at the Antelope & Zebra Area, venturing away from mom and even offering older brothers Xing Fu and Mengyao a little headbutt if they get in his way! You can see him climbing the logs in his exhibit and dashing around mom in the species’ outdoor habitat.

In a final baby update, the little crowned lemur at the Helen Brach Primate House doesn’t have a name to announce, as Animal Care staff haven’t yet determined the little one’s gender. This baby is clinging close to mom, Tucker, as is natural for this primate species.

Already twice as large as when it was born April 14, the lemur has shown signs of independence, briefly venturing away from mom and latching onto older brother Nuru. It will increasingly strike off on its own in coming weeks, but for now the baby is content to ride along with mom…and be groomed by the rest of the family group.

All these new arrivals will grow fast, so be sure to visit them now! Thanks to everyone who cast a vote to name baby Asha.

Kevin Bell



In Swahili Asha means Life or to live. Tumaini means hope.

The meaning of Asha

Yeah it does, I would know. Asha does mean hope, but it means that in an Indian language called Sanskirt. It also means life in the Swahili language.

I love the name, really suits

I love the name, really suits her.

Nice name

I really like the name and the baby, of course. Good job!!!


In Swahili Asha means Life or to live. Tumaini means hope.


When I was a kid I used to go to the zoo with my parents.

Re: Zoo

Glad you enjoyed those childhood visits--thanks for sharing!

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