Opportunities to Educate

As you’re likely aware, Lincoln Park Zoo has been in the news lately. And both instances are opportunities to educate.

The zoo’s criticism of CareerBuilder’s decision to use chimpanzees in Super Bowl advertisements garnered a lot of media attention, which opened a welcome public discussion about the problem of exploiting chimpanzees in entertainment. I applaud those who joined our chorus against this practice, I appreciate the media coverage, and I am proud of our staff for starting this conversation. When we discuss these issues, we learn more about them.
Yesterday we announced that we euthanized African lion Adelor. There was an immediate outpouring of sympathy from friends of the zoo, which I greatly appreciate. And while I am saddened by the passing of this beloved zoo animal, I am happy to know that for 18 years he lived a full and healthy life, educating zoo visitors not only about big-cat behavior, but also about the way zoo veterinarians, nutritionists, curators and keepers work to provide animals long, fulfilling lives.
If you would like to add your voice to Adelor’s memorial page, please go here.
We are working with our Population Management Center and the African Lion Species Survival Plan to map out our future regarding African lions.
As always, I’ll keep you posted.
Kevin Bell


Missing Adelor

One of the best parts of living in Lincoln Park has been to be able to go on safari each afternoon at 4:00 and again at midnight by listening to Adelor announce his ownership to his home in the zoo. He could be heard for blocks around. You just had to stop and listen and smile. I can't imagine what it will be like with the loss of that sound!

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