Leopard Marta

Today’s post is a sad one. Yesterday, animal-care staff made the difficult decision to euthanize geriatric female leopard Marta, whose failing kidneys were compromising her quality of life.

(This is a common problem for aged cats.) 

Marta lived nearly all of her 20 years at Lincoln Park Zoo, after being confiscated from a private home where she was illegally housed. Here in Chicago she was beloved by animal-care staff (who nicknamed her “The Queen”) and guests, who admired her playful nature and physical grace. 

Losses like this are hard on zoo staff, particularly those who interacted with the animal on a daily basis. My thoughts go out to those who are grieving.

But, naturally, life goes on at Lincoln Park Zoo. New arrivals impart vitality to our collection throughout the year and new, young guests enter our gates each day to marvel at the spectrum of life, in all its stages.

If you’d like to learn more about this special animal or leave a note, we have created a memorial page here.


Kevin Bell


Re: Leopard Marta

thanks to all the staff who took great care of our beloved "sweet pea" Maryta. we love her and always will. i know God will have venison on the menu for her.

Re: Leopard Marta

i have ALWAYS LOVED THE GREAT CATS!! it sad...indeed..but rather have her live on in pain your staff did the right thing..... I'LL MISS YOU MARTA!!!

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