Introducing Kito

Votes came in all week on what to name the new Grevy’s zebra colt at the zoo’s Antelope & Zebra Area. While Daktari, Hanisi and Akili all had their supporters, Kito, meaning “jewel,” won with more than half the ballots.

Kito, the zoo’s newborn zebra colt, capers around his exhibit.

Kito, the zoo's newborn zebra colt, capers around his outdoor yard at the Antelope & Zebra Area during his public debut.

So I’d like to officially introduce Kito, both in name and in body. As of this morning, the little colt and his mother, Adia, are now visible on exhibit on the east side of the Antelope & Zebra Area.

Right now the pair are still separate from the rest of the herd. In coming weeks our animal care experts will introduce female zebra Delrie to mom and baby. Right now, though, I encourage you to come out to see the new arrival explore his new home. The energy and play of a zebra colt are special to watch.

But Kito isn’t the only new arrival at the zoo. New juvenile gorillas Mosi and Umande are now living in the south exhibit of Regenstein Center for African Apes. Soon, after they acclimate to the new space, they’ll be introduced to fellow adolescents Amare and Azizi to form Lincoln Park Zoo’s first gorilla bachelor troop.

There are also new piglets at the Farm-in-the-Zoo, a growing Bolivian gray titi monkey baby at the Helen Brach Primate House and fairy bluebird and golden-breasted starling chicks at the McCormick Bird House. Each offers a fun reminder that the zoo is always changing. Each also offers the perfect excuse to spend part of your long Labor Day weekend meeting some new faces.

Kevin Bell





Kito - he IS a jewel. Hope he has a long, healthy, happy life!


I think that is the perfect name for such a precious jewel. Can't wait to come back to Chicago to see him.

Great name for a beautiful

Great name for a beautiful animal!


From Montana, I came for a visit to the zoo and see my abopted lizard. To my surprise, I saw all the new babies and new arrivals such as the gorilla's. The Lincoln Park Zoo is always a joy and the grounds looked so beautiful. Everyone one working or volunteering there are doing such a great job keeping a old zoo alive. Thank you

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