Get Ready for New Roars

Since Adelor passed away, many visitors have asked when Myra would get a companion at the Kovler Lion House. I’m happy to announce that a male lion, Sahar, is now in quarantine at Lincoln Park Zoo, waiting to be introduced in the near future.

Lion Sahar at the Bronx Zoo. He will soon be introduced to female Myra at the Kovler Lion House. Photo by Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Sahar at the Bronx Zoo in February. Photo by Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

The 2-year-old lion comes to us from the Bronx Zoo, where he was born in January 2010. As he’s still maturing, his mane is just starting to come in. It’s a little wispy now but should reach full length in a couple years.

Like all Lincoln Park Zoo arrivals, Sahar is spending some time in veterinary quarantine at the C.H. “Doc” Searle, M.D. Animal Hospital—a safeguard to protect animal health. Once he’s cleared, animal care staff will begin a careful introduction process. Objects will first be transferred between Sahar and Myra’s living areas to introduce the big cats to one another’s scents.

Eventually the pair will see each other through protective mesh—first at a distance, then at closer quarters. Finally, when animal care staff feel they’re ready, the lions will likely be introduced in their outdoor yard, which has plenty of room for them to get to know one another.

I appreciate all the hard work our animal care staff and the Lion Species Survival Plan® put into bringing Sahar to the zoo. We look forward to the lion introduction, and I’ll be sure to keep you informed as they get to know one another.

Kevin Bell



Welcome. You have pretty big shoes to fill, but can't wait to meet you.

Great news about the new lion!

Sounds like a perfect addition ! So many people ask me every week about Myra being alone. Sahar should be a big hit !
Chris DuFour
LPZ Guest Relations Volunteer

New Lion

I am so happy and excited to hear there will be a new male lion coming to LPZ. I hope he makes a smooth transition and will be with us for a long time. Good news indeed.


How can Sahar (Formally Shani) from the Bronx Zoo ,be put with a 15 year old lioness? By the time he has matured, won't she be too old to produce offsprings? Thanks Chris Ortman

Re: Lions!

Chris, this is a social pairing instead of a breeding pairing--Myra and Sahar don't have a breeding recommendation from the Lion Species Survival Plan.

Though I no longer live in

Though I no longer live in Chicago, I remember Adelor and keep up with what is happening at LPZ. Very beautiful new mate for Myra. Glad to hear it and hope their will be cubs one day!

Welcome Sahar!

I'm excited to hear about Sahar and how nice for Myra...I hope they have a great "meet-cute" for the animal care staff to share with us! I adored Adelor too great job LP Zoo!


Looking forward to meeting Sahar! I'm very excited we will have the opportunity to observe a young male right in Chicago!


This picture is too adorable. I can't wait to see him stalking about the outdoor or indoor area. Hopefully his roar will be as great as Adelor's!


My granddaughter and I are so looking forward to welcoming Sahar. We've made many trips in from the Burbs to LP Zoo over the past years. I try to keep up with Zoo news, but weren't there two females, along with Adelor?


Jeanne, there was another female lion, Helene, but she passed away a couple years ago due to cancer.

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