Construction Continues

When construction for Regenstein Macaque Forest began, I noted I had plenty of fond memories of Kovler Penguin-Seabird House, the building we were saying farewell to. That was a fitting way to put it, as the old Penguin House is now just a memory.

In just three weeks, bulldozers and excavators have totally dismantled the mothballed building, making way for the zoo’s next great exhibit. Now, with the busiest part of summer behind us, we’ve extended the construction footprint to encompass the next stage of the project.

Demolition is essentially complete on the old Kovler Penguin-Seabird House.

Demolition is essentially complete on the old Kovler Penguin-Seabird House.

As recent visitors may have noticed, we’ve expanded the construction fence to include the area around Eadie Levy’s Landmark Café and the LPZooChildren’s Train. This will let our expert construction crew begin their efforts to reshape the landscape.

Landmark Café will maintain its classic outline, but the area around it will be redeveloped to maximize garden views and guest relaxation. Similarly, the Children’s Train is temporarily running on the Main Mall as we begin work on the improved Lionel Train Adventure that will take its place at the old site.

The ongoing work is just part of a sustained busy season at the zoo, one complete with our recent Francois’ langur, white-cheeked gibbon and black rhino babies. (The little rhino is still bonding behind the scenes with mom.) To those three new arrivals, I can add one more: a baby klipspringer behind the scenes at Regenstein African Journey.

The baby klipspringer behind the scenes at Regenstein African Journey.

The tiny antelope was born in early August. Unfortunately, the baby’s mother didn’t display proper maternal care, and the little one had to be removed to be hand-reared. Our animal care staff have done an excellent job nurturing the baby klipspringer. It recently returned to Regenstein African Journey, where it will continue to grow off exhibit.

As this summer’s cinereous vulture chick showed, some new arrivals need more hands-on care than others. We’d always prefer for zoo parents to raise their own carefully planned offspring, but we’re ready to lend our expertise if needed.

Kevin Bell

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The rich social interactions of Japanese macaques will be at the heart of Lincoln Park Zoo's next great exhibit, Regenstein Macaque Forest.

The zoo's next great exhibit will be a state-of-the-art home for Japanese macaques, or “snow monkeys.” These lively primates will thrill visitors with rich social displays among hot springs and evergreen trees.




Interesting! I hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend!

Animal Care Staff

Many kudos for the LP Zoo's Animal Care staff. They have had their hands full this year. Beginning with Nayembi being injured and having to delicately bring her back to health and, ultimately, reintroduce her to her family. To the baby cinereous vulture and, now, the baby klipspringer... not to mention everything else they do, on a regular, daily basis- of which we have little, if any, knowledge! The Animal Care staff are one of the biggest reasons our Zoo is so successful and held in such high regard.
Thank you to all! Your work is much appreciated - by not only your charges, but by the people of Chicago as well!

Re: Animal Care Staff

What a nice note! We agree--our animal care staff is excellent. Their dedication is at the heart of everything the zoo does.

Animal education

The picture of the baby klipspringer is so adorable! I had to show it to my 6 year old and we used it as a learning moment. Glad the baby will be okay.

Re: Animal Education

Glad you enjoyed it!

Great Design! Cannot wait for

Great Design! Cannot wait for the in-ground exhibit opening.

Thank You!

We're excited too!

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