Baby Rhino Makes His Debut

It wasn’t a sure thing the guest of honor would show, but that didn’t stop friends of the zoo from gathering to welcome the zoo’s newest arrival: a baby black rhinoceros born August 26.

The little one had spent the intervening weeks behind the scenes at the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Exhibit, growing well under the watchful eyes of mom Kapuki. He’d met his milestones: standing, walking, nursing. The baby nibbled his first solid food and nosed around a boomer ball purchased by supporters from the zoo’s Wish List.

This off-exhibit privacy provided mom and baby a great opportunity to bond. As the two grew more comfortable with each other, our animal care experts felt confident that it was time for the new arrival to explore his outdoor exhibit. So today he did just that, heading outside for the first time.

Baby rhino King steps out into his exhibit for the first time with mom Kapuki.

Baby rhino King steps out into his exhibit for the first time with mom Kapuki.

The baby was a little tentative when he first emerged, even heading back inside for a moment. But he quickly returned, following mom in exploring the nooks and crannies of their outdoor yard, sniffing new scents and processing this exciting new setting.

Members got an exclusive sneak peek at the baby, a sign of our appreciation for their support. But the little one is now on exhibit for anyone to see, although it’s up to him—and mom, of course—whether they head outside or remain in their comfy indoor den.

As if heading outside weren’t enough, today is also the day we’re sharing the little one’s name: King. It’s a weighty name, appropriate for the newest representative of a species facing a conservation crisis in the wild. But it’s also a tribute to King Harris, who, along with his wife Caryn, is a long-time and generous supporter of Lincoln Park Zoo. The family has been particularly committed to rhino conservation, lending their name to the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Exhibit.

Mom Kapuki and baby rhino King nuzzle in their outdoor exhibit.

Mom Kapuki and baby rhino King nuzzle in their outdoor exhibit.

So come visit King. Watch the new arrival grow and explore his new home. And if you take any photos, we’d love to see them—post them to our Facebook timeline or share them on Twitter with #BabyRhino and a @lincolnparkzoo mention.

Kevin Bell

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Baby Rhino Debut

Interesting! I hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend!

I can't say cute but i liked

I can't say cute but i liked it so much. baby rhino

Now, this is a very lovely

Now, this is a very lovely post. I am sure zoo guests will love the new addition to the facility.

Re: King

It's been exciting to watch King grow! We just shared some photos of him playing in the snow yesterday.

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