Colleen Lynch

In Europe, white storks are considered to be harbingers of health, wealth and the arrival of babies. At Lincoln Park Zoo, our European white storks are tending to offspring of their own.

This year’s first egg appeared on April 6. Additional eggs were laid in the subsequent days, eventually totaling five. The parents shared incubation duties, never leaving the eggs unattended.

The first and only chick appeared on May 12. (The other four eggs likely didn’t succeed due to the rain and cold.) When mom or dad stand up to stretch their long legs, the little one can be seen lifting its head to beg for a meal.

As we learned last spring, these chicks grow up quickly. (The young birds from that historic clutch—the three white stork hatchlings represented the first-ever breeding of this species at Lincoln Park Zoo—have been transferred to other accredited zoos that participate in the White Stork Species Survival Program.)

If you want to welcome this one while it’s still a tiny hatchling, stop by the Regenstein Birds of Prey Exhibit soon.

Colleen Lynch
Hope B. McCormick Curator of Birds


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