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March 13, 2014
What’s New with Baby Rhino King?

This past fall was an exciting time at Regenstein African Journey as we welcomed our first black rhino calf in 25 years. It’s hard to believe it’s already been six months since King was born last August 26. During that time we’ve seen him grow physically from 60 pounds to close to 600 pounds!

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February 14, 2014
Visiting the Puerto Rican Parrots

I recently traveled to Puerto Rico for my first visit to the Iquaca and Rio Abajo aviaries, the conservation sanctuaries that house most of the world’s Puerto Rican parrots. As the new studbook keeper for the population, it was an eye-opening experience.

December 31, 2013
Juggling Four Babies

As 2013 comes to an end, it’s a great time to reflect on the growth and development of the four infants under the care of Lincoln Park Zoo’s Primate Department. It’s a pleasure to watch the development of the two girls (gorillas Patty and Nayembi at Regenstein Center for African Apes) and two boys (white-cheeked gibbon Daxin and Francois’ langur Pierre).

October 22, 2013
A Flash of Pink

The sight of a flamingo flock walking onto exhibit each morning is a great sight to see. Our gregarious Chilean flamingos march outside every morning to be greeted by guests who await their daily arrival.

May 17, 2013
A Rhino Tribute for Endangered Species Day

I’m Mark Kamhout, curator of mammals at Lincoln Park Zoo. Today’s Endangered Species Day seems like a natural time to reflect on the many threatened species of animals around the world.

April 27, 2013
Make a Change for National Save the Frogs Day

A Solomon Island leaf frog perches on a caregiver's finger. Amphibian species around the world are facing an ongoing conservation crisis.

You may have heard by now that amphibian populations, including frogs, are in sharp declines around the world.

April 24, 2013
Takins by the Numbers

Mengyao and Xing Fu, the Sichuan takin baby boys born January 31 and February 9 to two different mothers at Lincoln Park Zoo, are welcome arrivals.

January 28, 2013
Two Gorilla Babies, Two Very Different Moms

We’ve had an amazing past couple of months at Regenstein Center for African Apes with the births of gorillas Patty (October 11) and Nayembi (November 16). They’re two gorilla girls with two very different mothers.

Now three months old, Patty shows off her newly sprouted teeth next to mom Bana.

June 18, 2012
Making Moves with Five Gorillas

New gorillas Mosi and Umande enjoy a snack--and each other's company--behind the scenes at Regenstein Center for African Apes.

In theory, summer is a great time to take a road trip. However, I’m happy to start staying in one place for a while! Over the past six weeks, my staff and I traveled more than 1,900 miles, crossed six state lines and spent 36 hours on the road moving nearly 1,000 pounds of live cargo.

June 12, 2012
Great Eggs-pectations
Bird eggs vary in shape, size and color but not in their stages of embryonic development.
March 13, 2012
Where Are They Now?

An eastern cottontail rabbit at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo.

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